Semi-Athleisure with Charmed Avenue


I have never been that girl that can go to the mall in work out clothes! Uhmmm HELLO what if a cute guy sees you and you don't look cute, or even worse a CELEBRITY! No thanks!

However, when the athleisure trend became the most fashionable sporty/casual trend I've ever seen, toand its not going anywhere! I'm glad because I'm here for it!

I teamed up with the local shop: Charmed Avenue Boutique to bring you three Semi- Athleisure looks. Semi, because I am Josie, and Josie likes to make trends her own! See what I'm talking about below!

This jogging suit set, was very comfortable! If I wore this anywhere it would be at the mall, because its perfect for shopping on a mission. An unexpected twist was the could shoulders, looking super trendy! I love the relaxed athleisure fit, but elevated the look with a jean jacket over the shoulders!

If you are a leather jacket lover, then this active jacket is definitely for you! Being leather, it's very breathable with mesh panels all over, you're sure to survive the weather! My favorite part of the jacket is the finger hole! It's super comfy, and definitely completes the active look!!

This look is my favorite! This light yet comfortable ong sleeved shirt gives off semi- athleisure vibes! I paired the shirt with a pair of lace up flats and a leather hat to add chic to the fit!

Thank you Charmed Avenue for collaborating with me on these looks! If you like what you see, give Charmed Avenue and mention my name (Hello Silhouette) for an extra 10% off your purchase!

Have a great day darlings!


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