9 Types of Summer Dresses You Need

Hello loves, I know we're in quarantine or semi- quarantine depending on the state you live in, but with these dresses you can wear them all round your house or dress up to go to the grocery store- with a mask of course! Over on Instagram I put together a style video 9 dresses that I'm obsessing over, and of course all of them are under $80! I also give you some great places or events you can wear theses dresses! Hopefully you get inspired and when the time is right think of this as a source! Enjoy!

P.S. By the time I was able to record this video, some of the dresses sold out so I'm giving you three fun alternatives per dress!

1. The Slip Dress/The Date Night Dress

I have to admit, I was not a fan of of slip dresses at first. Then I bought one just to try it and wow y'all, I'm obsessed. I have like 3 now! Slip dresses aren't only for under dresses anymore (do older women still do that? lol) Slip dresses are extremely versatile throughout all seasons! Style Tip: dress it up with a pair of heels a mini bucket bag and dangly earrings. Or dress it down by putting a graphic tee over it and knot it pari it with white sneaks and a backpack!

2. The White Dress/The Everyday Dress

The ultimate summer dress. If you don't own one, what are you even doing? I currently have 4 white dresses, but don't think that's enough!

Style Tip: wear your white dress with a chunky espadrille buckle sandal and rattan purse.

3. The Fruit Dress/ The Brunch Dress

You know that ICONIC line in mean girls: Florals for spring? Groundbreaking. Move out of the way florals, fruits for summer all the way. When I saw this fruit print dress I was automatically in love! Going out with friends to brunch WAS my favorite pastime until COVID-19 lol, so since were brunching at home

Style Tip: Wear this fruit print dress with strappy sandals and a bamboo purse!

4. The Casual Dress/The Errands Dress

Literally that dress you throw on for every single errand you have but still look chic? Preferably one with pockets. Yeah this is her! Style Tip: Adding a pair of sneaker's a fanny pack, and an over sized scrunchie to you hair will complete this look.

5. The Fancy Dress/The Wedding Guest Dress

Hypothetically speaking, if summer weddings were still a go, this dress would've been perfect! Style Tip: keep it classy with pearl accessories such as pearl earrings, hair clips, pearl hand bag (I scored mine for only $6 at Uptown Cheapskate!!) and nude shoes.

6. The Floral Dress/The Day Date Dress

Who would I be if I didn't include a floral dress? I love this one because it has a side slit and it's not a cheesy floral pattern- and I hate cheesy patterns! Perfect for a day date with your significant other while you explore your city! Style Tip: Wear this floral dress with a complementary purse and some comfy sandals, or a pair of white sneakers.

7. The Baby Doll Dress/ The Happy Hour Dress

I remember back in like 2009 baby doll dresses were popular and now they're back and I'm still as obsessed 11 years later! This is also an effortless dress to wear to your favorite happy hour! Style Tip: Go crazy with color, with a low heel and a fun shaped purse!

8. The Shirt Dress/ The Swimsuit Cover Up Dress

Shirt dresses are everything especially when you get to wear them to the beach! (le sigh ) I'm in love with this one especially because I now have a pool in my back yard ill wear it all the time- If you follow me on Insta, the pool just finished about 2 weeks ago! Style Tip: wear with a large brim hat, simple sandals, and a medium sized tote!

9. The Midi Dress/ The Any Occasion Dress

I know, when I hear body con dress I immediately think of those BCBG dresses that everyone and their mom wore back in 2010. However, I am here to let you know that although they might be still around, I feel as if this is the new body- con dress. These new body- con dresses are a great versatile piece! Get with the program and buy one, the one I have is only $25 and comes in multiple colors!

Style Tip: Dress it down with Espadrilles and a wicker bag and dress it up with a pair of heels and a clutch.

Alright my loves, I hope you got some inspiration to go out and buy some affordable dresses that you can wear in your living room haha!! Have a great long weekend, be safe and MASK UP!


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