Places to Go: A Mini Guide to Charleston

Have you ever wondered where the prefect place to bring spring forward in? It's Charleston, South Carolina! With the beautiful gardens, walkable streets, friendly faces & delicous food, theres no other place i'd rather be to bring in spring! I was supposed to visit Charleston last year around this time, but with moving across the country and a few other things I had to take care of, I had to unforutantely cancel the trip. I was so sad but soo sooo happy that I'm here right now! This is my mini charleston guide, lets get into it!

Stay: The Lord's House

Being that I was in the Holy City for the weekend, it made total sense to stay here at The Lord's House! Lucky for me, Carly (one of my friends I met in Arizona) her mother owns this quaint spot and she let us stay for weekend! This house is perfect for a weekend getaway with the family or a girls trip! The Lord's House is about 15-20 min drive or Uber ride to Charleston! This house is set up so beautifully and seriously cleaner than a few hotels I've stayed at- and these were on the higher end too! If you're planning a trip, definitely check out this house for sleeping accommodations!


Millers All Day

When searching for a brunch spot, I came across this place! If you didn't know I am a SUCKER for good interior! 8 times out of 10 that's how I choose places to go and majority of the time the food is amazing as well! Millers all Day did not disappoint! We got there around 2 so the brunch rush was gone and we were able to get a seat right away! I got a delish egg frittata, home fries and a drink! I don't remember the name but it was GOOD!

Poogan's Porch

I saw this spot off of at least two bloggers pages in the past year, so I had to try! Apparently Poogan's Porch was featured on Food Network, so you know this is a hot spot! PSA they don't open until 5 for dinner and apparently they were featured on Food Network so its best to grab a reservation! We were able get there right in time to grab the last table on the deck - it felt amazing outside! As far as food goes, I was addicted to their pickled okra (I literally love anything pickled lol) and the salon and couscous was honestly just alright. I don't think I'll go again, but I definitely wish they shipped their pickled okra!!


Rainbow Row

Would it be a trip to Charleston if I didn't visit Rainbow Row?! Luckily for us it wasn't very crowded, so it was easy to take pictures in front of the super colorful Row Houses!


Did I also go to Candlefish because I saw a cute picture on an influencers page? Why yes, yes I did!! No shame in my game okay! Honestly though if you love candles- you NEED to come here! They have a fragrance library to help you choose the perfect candle! My grandfather used to use a lotion from Bath and Body Works that I loved, but BBW stoped making it a few years ago but then I remembered that it had vetiver in it and they helped me find a candle with vetiver!! I can't wait to burn it! If you like vetiver as well. the candle I got was NO.59

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

Obviously plantations are a sensitive subject, and didn't visit the plantation however, I have been wanting to go to the garden portion of Magnolia for a while and so happy that I got to go! It was seriously SO peaceful and extremely beautiful. I loved all the paths Growing up my grandmother was always in her garden growing veggies and the most beautiful flowers, she would have loved to visit this garden- I showed her pictures! It cost $20 to visit the garden!!

Walk on the Battery

Carly and I took a short walk along The Battery! There are the most gorgeous antebellum houses to view and the infamous pineapple water fountain. Pineapples represents hospitality, friendship and warmth! Even originally being originally from the south, I just found this out on my trip to Charleston! Now I know why a lot of my friends from the South had pineapples in their homes!

There you go, my mini guide to none other than Charleston! I hope you enjoyed my little trip and hope you take a trip as soon as possible! I know I will be going back to explore more and take even more pictures!! Until then, have a great Friday loves!


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