Hello Silhouette is 3!!

Hello loves!! Today is a special day because Hello Silhouette turns 3!!! I honestly can't believe Ive been blogging at this site for 3 years! The third year has by far been the best and sort of the worst year yet! (Trying to keep it real with y'all okkrrrr) With Hello Silhouette turning 3, I'm going to share 3 big lessons I've learned since starting this blog! Let's get started!

Lesson One

You will not get every campaign PR people reach out to you or that you apply for!! This has happened to me a few times actually! I was really excited because Fabletics had reached out to me back in October of this year! They basically were going to give me some awesome work out gear, (who else can only work out in cute gear) take pictures in it, and pay me! I went through the process of giving them my information, we emailed at least 4 times and she said she would reach out in a month for when the campaign starts! What felt like forever, she finally emailed me a month later! I was so excited and then my smile turned into a frown! I wasn't in the campaign anymore and they might have more room in the future. I was sad to loose that paid campaign but you know what it's going to be okay because better ones came up after that! So don't wallow in what you didn't get, be excited for whats coming up!

Lesson Two

It's okay to say no. The funny thing about this lesson is that I wrote a blog post about the things I've learned in the first year of blogging and this answer was completely opposite! Honestly, I have a really hard time with saying no. I hate letting people down in anyway possible. Looking back on the 3rd year, there were PLENTY of times where I told my self I can't take any more collaborations at this time. In Josie fashion, I kept saying yes. Which lead to a burn out!! My mother told me that saying no is a form of self care! I couldn't agree more! Since then, I have said no to a few things and it has felt so good!!

Lesson 3

Being authentic. Instagram has been taken over by influencers, bloggers, and content creators. It is SUCH a saturated market for sure. With that being said. The best way for you to stand out is to be authentic! If you're not being authentic , your following will be able to tell right off the bat! I can't tell you how many times I've gone to blogger events where I see other bloggers from behind the screen act super sweet on insta, and so bitchy in person. It's not cute! I can tell you now, I have never been that way and will never be that way. Even if this little blog grows and I get 100k followers on insta, I will be my most authentic self!!!

Thanks for keeping up with me over the past 3 years! I can feel it, this year will be the best year yet!!

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My name is Josie Jackson and I am a 24 year old, fashion adoring, goodwill hunting, glitter loving, and polka dot infatuated individual with a love for Kate Spade that's simply incomprehensable. Arizona has been my home for the past 13 years, however I was born and raised in Alabama! Follow me on all of my adventures through fashion and life and

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