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Hello loves! I'm starting a new series called Hello Thoughts! This is where I talk about more serious things that I'm either going through or thinking of!! In this particular post: I'll be talking about Instagram and the comparison game that plenty of us have played! Being authentic to you guys is what's most important to me, so that's why I am sharing this!

Moving to a new place can be hard for different people in different aspects of their life. To be honest, the hardest part of my move has honestly been blogging! Before I left Arizona, I wanted to make sure I had enough content to last me through the first month after the move. Then once I moved, I could focus on creating content for July and not get behind! Although I had produced enough content a few weeks before my move date: May 29th, life took a turn! My mother and grandparents had got in a really bad car accident on May 24th.

There was no way I was moving clear across the country in 4 days after they almost died!! So I instead decided to move to my birthday June 15th! I was so grateful that I had all the content for the month of June so I could focus on being with my family as much as possible before the move. After getting settled into the move, I honestly was trying to get used to the Metro- which I still have NOT mastered, 😂 and used to my surroundings. I have found out that when I'm in an unknown place, I get scared to do things alone! (I didn't realize that until now) So with that being said I did not prepare content for July like I wanted and that is when I started playing the comparing game...

Wow, she's got great content, I wish I could produce better content. OMG she has how many followers? Wait, I've been blogging for x time and she's only blogged for x time and has more follows, more likes, more engagement than me? WHAT AM I DOING WRONG. Putting out content, and being creative had become a struggle for me. With me comparing to other bloggers, I didn't think I was creating my best. Then it was August, I came back to Arizona, and I was back in my element! I had a few collabs, did a few photoshoots, and just felt that my creativity coming back! Back to DC I went, creativity was semi there, met a few bloggers, went to a few events. I was fine for a few months and then bammmmm!

A couple of weeks ago I was so MAD while looking at my analytics on Instagram. I was over it! I had been on the East coast for damn near 5 months and I still was not getting traction from any parts of the East coast. While I know it wasn't going to happen overnight, I was really trying my best. Then the comparison game kicked in. After about 5 minutes of me comparing my content with other bloggers, then it hit me. You are letting this comparing game take over your whole life that you have pretty much lost your love for blogging!! Comparison was stealing the joy out of blogging for me!! I literally almost quit blogging guys! Why was I making this bigger than myself? I've never been the comparison type so why the heck was this happening now? Two weeks ago I decided that I needed a break from social media and from the blog to really see why I started Hello Silhouette in the first place, and ultimately if I wanted to continue for a 3rd year.

I am happy to say I'm back babyyyyy!! NO MORE comparison games over here! I think that sometimes social media gets the best of us and not in a good way!! You never know what is happening behind your favorite Instagramers feed! No one is you, and that's your superpower!!!

I found some really great quotes on Pinterest to help me through times where I feel like comparing! I know you'll love them too! I can't wait to start fresh and share content with you guys, until then enjoy these quotes!


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