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Hey loves, happy Friday!! Today's post is a little different than most! Today I'll be talking about my experience with Tevin of Beyond Photograph! As you all know, I have moved to the East Coast and its been great so far! The one thing I am having trouble with is finding a consistent photographer that is easy to work with and can help create my vision; that also is open to new ideas and is okay with how I like my photos edited.

A few weeks ago, Tevin messaged me asking if I wanted to collaborate! I would get an hour of his time and we could shoot 2 outfits. Of course I said yes, this is a great way to get to know photographers, and to see if they are open for pretty much anything. We discussed everything from places to meet and the way I like my pictures edited. He's very accommodating which is so nice. I know some photographers that are stuck in the way they edit, I'm not saying ANYTHING is wrong with that but it's good to be flexible from time to time!

Day of: We met at Busboy's & Poet's across from an amazing colorful wall! (y'all know I'm here for all the color!) He was about 10 late but this DC traffic is seriously no joke! We got right to it! He was really nice and he got me to try some poses that I wouldn't normally do but they were fun to try!! The first outfit was done it was 4:40 and I was ready to put on the next outfit, but we didn't get to the other outfit. Honestly I should've spoken up because that was part of the deal, 2 outfits in 1 hour. We had only been shooting for 20 mins!! However I just let it be! Even with this little mishap I will most likely book Tevin again. Next time I will speak up!! If you're in the DMV area book Tevin here!! Enjoy my favorite pictures below!

I hope you all liked them just as much as I do!! Until next time,


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