Nanny Silhouette: New Playroom & Arts & Crafts Storage

Hello loves! As you know- I am a nanny for one super cute kid! About a month ago, I asked via insta-stories if you guys would like to see some nanny content, and a lot of you guys voted to share! So here I am sharing my latest nanny content!

I live where I work and the mom asked me if I thought we should turn the living room into a playroom for Declan. Of course I said yes! We needed it to be more functional since he was getting older and moving around a lot! This idea worked out perfectly because I just found out that I had become a brand ambassador for The Container Store and one of my first projects could be a playroom! So I got to work on pinning cute ideas for playrooms on Pinterest and over the next couple of weeks we slowly started to put together the new playroom!

Before Pictures

So now you've seen the before pictures and coming to a conclusion, I had two major needs for Declan's playroom:

1: arts and crafts supply storage

2: cute & safe coverage for the fireplace

Major need 1: This is where The Container Store comes in! They provided me with all the bins I could ever need to store arts and crafts storage! I was able to turn these book shelves into a arts and crafts storage! As a 3 year old teacher for 5 years, arts and crafts was one of my favorite activities to do with my children, now that I am a nanny to a 1 year old, you have to realize that we can't use a lot of the same things for safety reasons of course so I had to improvise! Basically a lot of our crafts are more sensory crafts and he loves it! I do have to say it was challenging at first to figure out what to do with Declan since my mind was trained for 3 year olds for so long, however good old Pinterest came to the rescue! If you would like to see all the crafts & activities I like to try out with Declan, follow my Pinterest board! If you have a playroom and you are wanting more organization like me, you HAVE to go to The Container Store like today! * Pre- warning you WILL want everything!!!

Arts & crafts storage:

Here is a list of all the bins I used!

1. Linus Pantry Binz 10 x 4 x 6

2. Linus Binz 10 x 4 x 6

3. Linus Deep Drawer Binz 16" x 8" x 9"

4. Deep Drawer Binz 6" Wide

5. Linus Binz 11.25 x 8 x 6

6. Linus Turntable - Divided

7. Linus Turntable - 9" Divided

8. Clear Drawers - 3 Drawer

Major need 2: cute & safe coverage for the fireplace. Before, there was just a felt cover held up by magnets and a bench in front of the fireplace. That wasn't going to work anymore because Declan's now in the mobile stage. He loves to stand up on everything and pull things down to his level! So Jennifer- Declan's mother found just what we needed via Pinterest: a magnetic chalkboard!

I loved this idea, especially when he gets older and starts writing his name!

Alright now for the rest of the reveal and more cute pictures of my dec- dec!

So, I stated previously that most of our arts and crafts are sensory based so I'll share what we've done so far as well as some fine motor projects too!

Mini sensory bottles: I used to do these a lot with my 3 year old from playing to calm down bottles! I wanted to do the same for Declan! We found these mini bottles on amazon and Declan loves to shake them the most! He plays with them the most when we are walking to the park! I recommend putting things that are silent and things that make sound!

Fine motor puller: This was so easy! I just kept a box from a previous collaboration and poked holes on either side and slid pipe cleaners through and knotted each side. I made this when he was 9 months and he barely could pull 2! You can see the growth with in a few months, he pulls all of them without my help! He loves this!

Fine motor top drop: We were going through so many formula cans and baby food pouches so I decided to start keeping them! I took off the label and cut a hole at the top, cleaned the tops and boom great fine motor activity for him!

Sensory bags: These have been such a big hit with Declan and the other kids and parents that come into the house! I started making these for when he was crawling! I'll tell you what's in them below!

Orange 1: water, oil, food coloring - I double bagged this one cause oil is sneaky lol!

Purple: packing shreds, feathers

Blue: air freshener beads (dollar store) a little bit of water. This ones my favorite!!

Red: bubble wrap!

Orange 2: fall leaves in our neighborhood, tape them to paper and cut open a bag and put it on top!

Bubble wrap painting: - place desired colored paint in the middle of bubble wrap and fold it and tape to table/highchair top! Best mess free painting EVER

Sensory pasta: boil pasta, drain, run cold water over it then place olive oil, handfuls of pasta and food coloring in bag. Shake or have child help you to spread the color and let it sit for 20 mins. Wash off and let dry and play! WARNING your child WILL eat the pasta, and love it!!

Sensory/ fine motor guitar: cake/bread pan, various sized rubber bands! Declan loves the sounds that this type of guitar makes! When I first made it he was 8 months and now he loves to turn it on different sides to strum the guitar!!

Ice bag: I usually would do this bag right after we came from our walk at the park because it was sooo hot, this helped him cool down!!

Edible paint: I was looking for the perfect edible paint for Declan and finally found it! This is literally just oatmeal, water, and food coloring! You can change up the consistency by adding more or less water! I taped craft paper to the table so there wouldn't be a huge mess! I suggest adding two layers of the craft paper!

Alright loves, I hope you got inspired by our new playroom & arts and crafts storage! Definitely check out The Container Store for all your storage needs!


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