Daycation with Resort Pass

Happy Monday loves! A few weeks ago, I went to Arizona for a mini vacation to see my family and friends! In true Josie fashion I was everywhere doing all the things! #whatsnew I knew for sure that I definitely needed to spend at least one day to just cool off and relax! Luckily, I teamed up with Resort Pass to have a day cation with my bestie and her daughter at the aesthetically pleasing The Scott Hotel!

What is Resort Pass? Resort Pass is where you can get access to the pool, spa or cabana of a luxury hotel or resorts by purchasing a day pass. The best part is that day passes start at $25! Here are some reasons why you need to try Resort Pass out!

1. Cheaper than a staycation. $25... I'm just gonna leave that there.

2. Perfect excuse to try out new hotels or resorts in your area. Living in Arizona you can't keep up with all the new resorts & hotels that keep popping up! Resort pass is the perfect way to test drive the ones that are on the list!

3.Perfect place to reunite with friends. Weather you are close or far, life happens and you can't hang out with all your besties all the time! Taking one day to plan a mini reunion sounds perfect!

4. Instagramable! If you are a content creator like myself, you are constantly looking for new places to take all the pics and videos! Trying out Resort Pass is the perfect way to create content at a hotel/resort with out having to pay eehhmmm *$175 to take pictures there(yes that was the price of one hotel I've taken pictures at and no I didn't pay or get caught haha ) and not get caught!

5. Lastly, to relax! If you're a busy body, a momma who needs a day with or with out her kids or you just need a day to your self, Resort Pass is about to be your new best friend!

I hope I have persuaded you to take Resort Pass out for a spin! I am giving two day passes to try out Resort Pass! Go to my Instagram to find out what to do!!

Have a great Monday my loves!


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