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Raise your hand if you get overheated or sweat when you sleep at night. Raise your hand if you don't sleep during the whole night. Raise your hand if you would like to fix all your problems. Look no further because Bedgear is your sleeping problem solver! Bedgear was created to improve your sleep performance! Bedgear offers multiple products to improve sleep performance. From bedding to pillows and more! You can take a look here at what they offer!

Pillow Fitting

I was able to go into the new Mor Furniture store in Gilbert to meet Bedgear expert Kelli and find my pillow ID. Which means you'll get fitted to see what pillow fits you and your body best for a better sleep. Kelli explained to me that you can't have a one size fits all pillow! She picked the Thunder 1.0 and the Galaxy 1.0, had me lay on the bed on the bed like I was going to sleep with both pillows to determine which pillow fit me best. I knew I didn't want a super soft pillow which the Galaxy 1.0 is but I needed soft and firm which is why I went with the Thunder 1.0! I love my pillow, and that it stays cool all throughout the night! You can also find your Pillow ID here!

Performance Blanket

The performance blanket was created to regulate your body temperature while you sleep. It does just that! It comes in Warm, Warmer, Warmest, I got the Warm version! When I slept with it for the first night it was honestly a surprise that I didn't take it off of me since I get hot when I sleep! I kept it on all night long and slept comfortably. I saw a huge change within a couple of days in the way I slept with Bedgear products verses the sleep essentials I already had!

You should definitely try Bedgear out if you want to improve your sleep! Have a great weekend loves!



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