Summer Bucket List

It's almost been a full week of me living here in the East Coast, and so far not bad at all! I was able to to celebrate my birthday with my friend Mia, binge watch shows with my aunt, got used to East Coast time (sort of) slept a lot, explored Alexandria Old Town, and officially move into the home I'll be living in for the next year!

With moving to a new state/coast, there is so much to see and do! I know I won't be able to do it all, but I can sure make a summer bucket list and try! I will break it down by things to do, places to explore, places to eat, night life, and travel! I also just joined and I'm super excited to try things out from that site! * I do have a slight fear of doing things alone, and I really think that Meetup will really help! Thank you to my girl Mia for recommending SO many places for me to go to and try!! I also don't have my car here, I wanted to get the full experience of living in a different city that has so many forms of transportation! So I will be fully utilizing the metro, the bus, trains, and of course UBER!

Summer Bucket List:

Things to do:

go to a concert in the park

go to a sporting event

go to a work out class

go to see the monuments

go to a few museums (there are 17)

go to a few festivals

go to a few day parties

go on a ferry ride to somewhere

go to the beach

go to a blogger event (s)


rooftop bars

logan circle

u street

h street


Silver Spring- this is where I live now so I really need to get familiar with this area!






Eat/ Drink

There are so many places but these are top of my list

Founding Farmers


Diet Starts Monday

The Daily Dish

District Doughnut


La Colombe

Astro Doughnuts





Ice Cream Jubilee

Out of state travel:

NYC- My friends Naadia from Texas and Allyssa from Arizona are coming out to NYC to attend BlogHer and they invited me, so that will be a fun time!! I also just found out yesterday that Curlfest is happening the same weekend we will be there- so I HAVE TO GO!! There are a few Instagram friends I've that are going and we will be able to meet for the first time! I will either take a train here or bus, still working out the details! I'm excited to be back in the big apple baby!

Chicago- My friend Abby took an internship in Chicago so I will be visiting her there! It's been at least 3ish years since I've visited Chicago, but I am excited to see her and have fun at this age there annnndddd my most favorite Instagam boutique (Alice in Wonder) that I've been following for years is there and I have a mini relationship with the owner, she's SO nice and we keep telling each other we are going to meet soon and it's finally happening! Her shop is SO cute and its been great to see the growth of her insta shop that turned into a brick and mortar!

There are so much more things I want to do but I have a whole year to do them! Keep up on IG to see what I get to do!


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