Color Crush Capsule: June

Happy month of June: AKA the best month there ever was! For multiple reasons of course!

1. My birthday is on the 15th!!

2.I officially move to the East Coast!

3. I have so many blog posts planned for this month including a fine giveaway!

4. Last but not least, new month means a new Color Crush Capsule!! I have been slacking in posting my color crushes on the blog, but if you follow me on Instagram I post about them on there!!

If you're new to the party; Color Crush Capsule is where myself and Amber of Into The Wardrobe curate our closet with certain colors we are loving for the month! This month I'm loving red, black, white, with pops of tan, and vintage blue jeans.

I am so excited for June's Color Crush Capsule because I have ALWAYS loved red, black, and white together and not just because I am Trinidadian 🇹🇹 There is just something about a crisp white top, vintage blue jeans, a black bag with red lipstick that has me feeling those Parisian vibes!

In other news:

I have decided to push my move back because of a bad car accident that my mother & grandparents were in last week Thursday. So instead of leaving this Sunday, I'll leave a week or so after!

Short and right to the point! I can't wait for you guys to see the content I've been working on for this month! I hope you all have a fantastic Friday!


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