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Happy May loves! First I want to apologize for not posting consistently on the blog it's been quite crazy over here for the past month- but we will get into reasons in another post! Today's post is all about H A I R C A R E!

I DO NOT HAVE TIME to re- twist my hair every other night! So I have set out to perfect my wash n' go's! If you're new to this whole natural hair thing, wash and go's are when you either fully wash or co-wash (just conditioner) your hair, you might add 1-2 products, let it air dry, and you go about your day! If you know me, you know that I love my hair large and in charge! However my natural curl pattern is very kinky- curly and I have a TON of shrinkage! I do love my curls in it's natural curl pattern but for a while my hair has been my comfort blanket! I'm slowly but surely making some slight changes! On todays post, I will share step by step what I use to achieve my perfect wash n' go, as well a review on these new products I'm using for the month!

Step 1: Grab all the products you need to use! These are the products I'm trying out this month!

-Shea Moisture Hydrate and Repair Shampoo & Conditioner

-Maui Moisture Curl Quench Curl Smoothie & Coconut Milk Mist

-2-4 clips

Step 2: Separate your hair into 2- 4 sections depending on how much hair you have. I have found working products in my hair is WAY easier when I have multiple sections to work with!

Step 3: Wet your hair. I have heard it's best to wash your hair with cold water rather than hot water. Honestly I was my hair with warm water because I usually will take a shower right after I was my hair and I'm not with the cold water! Unless I am just sticking my hair under the facet for a few mins!

Step 4: Apply shampoo or conditioner if you're co- washing! Depending on the thickness of your hair, you will only need to use 2-5 squirts of the product. From ends to crown, massage the product into the hair for 2-4 mins. I usually put my recently shampooed hair into a quick twist so its not mixing with the next section. Repeat 1-3 more times, and thorougly brush out the product.

Step 5: If you're not co- washing repeat the step above with conditioner. After the conditioner is applied, I then separate my hair into two sections and make 2 french twists. Letting my hair set for at least 15 mins. Wash it out and use a hair towel for 15 mins!

Step 6: Next I added Maui Moisture's dry mist spray and a few dabs of Maui Moisture's curl smoothie and let it air dry as you get ready for work and whatnot!

Step 7: Now that your hair is mostly dry use a pick to fluff your hair but don't over do it! *this step is optional but y'all know that I am all about the volume!

Here are my Wash n' Go results!!



There is a test you can take to determine your curl pattern so you know what type of hair products are best for you and your hair! I found out I am a 3C! Now that I did the test, I will look for products that might work best for my hair, and will let you all know!! Take it here!!

Product Review:

Shea Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner: $11 each at Ulta

Shampoo: I LOVED this shampoo! You don't even have to use a lot before your hair is lathered!!

Conditioner: Out of all of the Shea Moisture conditioners, I didn't love this one like I love the rest of them! For some reason I had to use way more conditioner than I usually do! I also felt like this product was just okay! #sadface

Maui Moisture Coconut Milk Oil Mist & Coconut Oil Curl Smoothie: $8 each at Walgreens (really like this price point and a lot of different lines)

Coconut Milk Oil Mist: This spray smells so goooooooooodd like its ridiculous! I find that it works best when my hair is wet because its super oily!

Curl Smoothie: I have only used this on my twist outs a few times and it's just okay. I will definitely use this for the rest of the month and let you guys know if my feelings change towards the product!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what other type of natural hair posts you guys would like, and tell me what kind of natural hair products y'all are using this month!


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