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Happy Monday loves!! A few weeks I was privileged enough to test drive the cutest car in the boldest color I have ever seen in my life! The 2018Toyota C-HR! The Toyota C-HR is a crossover that turned all the heads as I drove up and down the streets of Scottsdale, and Tempe with its sleek yet modern look. I had so much fun driving it around! Some cool features of the C-HR are:

-Only $27 to fill up for city driving & $31 for highway driving!

-Using the Aha app, you have access to over 100,00 radio stations! 🙌🏾

-Choose between 6 regular colors and 3 two toned options called R-Code

- Steering Assist! If you're driving and you accidentally steer into another lane with out a blinker, the steering wheel will adjust and move the car back to your lane by ITSELF! (this was a pretty cool feature)

There are plenty more awesome features, you can totally check them out here!

I was challenged by Toyota to make mischief and lead the open roads with adventure with the new C-HR! So I decided to have some fun, LET'S GO PLACES!!

First up: Scouting out a new brunch spot!!

I personally love to discover new places to eat brunch (my fave meal of the day) so I can gram all about it! One time I had a friend who told me she only went to places that I Instagramed about because it was picture worthy! LOL!! Enter Hotel Adeline- a boutique hotel that just opened in Old Town Scottsdale not too long ago. I needed to scope out the place for pictures anyways so I called and found out they have a cafe called Good & Proper. Good & Proper exceeded all my expectations thats for sure and they have a killer chai tea so you already know I will definitely be back to eat and hopefully to stay at the hotel as well!!

Second up: SHOPPING!!

I always get into mischief when I'm left alone..... but then again who doesn't! Shopping has ALWAYS been a habit (and i'm not going to agree that I have a real problem) since basically 10! I love that the Toyota C-HR has a big enough trunk for my sporadic shopping trips, and if needed, I can definitely use the back seat! #perksofshoppingalone 🤷🏾‍♀️

Thirdly: A spontaneous road trip!

Over a three day weekend, 2 of my friends and I decided that we wanted to had an adventure and took a day trip to Sedona to hike Devil's Bridge!! Disclaimer- none of us are hikers but we wanted to make some new memories and try something new, and thats EXACTLY what we did!

Some memories so you catch this vision:

1. We got lost again.... (2 years ago Rama and myself got lost driving up to Sedona because we used the GPS in my car which hadn't been updated in like 5 YEARS! 4 hours later (2 hour trip) and way too many close to the rim views later we arrived!) this time only 15 mins of being lost!

2. Colleen who I went to high school with is the QUEEN of early-mid 2000's music so she made a playlist and and we were jamming and belting out every single word to Damage and many more songs from our middle school years!

3. NONE of us looked at the weather and it's conditions until that morning and thought we might have to cancel our trip, but we proceeded because we simultaneously brought somewhat matching outfits and I mean we couldn't miss out of these photo ops #amirite! It was very windy, dark grey clouds, and 39 degrees we were dying the whole time! OH let me not forget to mention that as soon as we made it up to Devil's Bridge it started to lightly HAIL! We got our picture then hiked all of 2.5 miles back down to the C-HR in the super windy cold weather!

Even though it took us about 2 hours for our bodies to thaw off, I am so thankful that I got to go on this spontaneously fun trip!! If you had the Toyota C-HR for a week, how would you make new memories? What kind of mischief would you get into?

Pictures @jcqlinsphotography


*This post was sponsored by Toyota USA . Thank you Toyota for letting me test drive the all new Toyota 2018 C-HR, I truly had fun driving this crossover and making new memories and getting into mischief! Pics by @jcqlinsphotography


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