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Happy March loves! Are you a work from home mom, an entrepreneur, or a blogger who doesn't have a designated space in their home to get work done? Or you do have a designated space but, you have kids running around you and can't get work done, or you and your business partner don't want to rent a huge space for your company just for conferences and such? Well ladies you are in luck! Recently I checked out Thrive in the up and coming downtown Gilbert area and can I just say that this concept is actually really awesome! Did I mention that Thrive is only for women only?!?!

At Thrive-with a membership you can rent different working spaces from flex space (which is a large table and multiple chairs) to dedicated desks, to private offices! More information about renting here. Being a member of Thrive has so many good perks; discounts at nearby restaurants, access to all of the events happening at Thrive and much more! Are you from out of town or live super far but want to check out the amazingness of Thrive? You can totally do that with a day pass!

When my friend Mia and I went to check out the space there were a few women working there and as soon as we set up shop, two women came out to greet us and told us that we would love it here! One of the ladies that was there, I found out that we know a mutual person! She was so sweet, she offered us some of her wine, and gave us some props for photos! Thanks Rosemary!!

Lastly, the owner Braelyn was honestly so welcoming and she made our visit so great! She gave us the ins and outs about her vision and why she started Thrive. She even took pictures of Mia and I- she studied photography!! Thank you Braelyn for being an amazing host and I can't wait to go back again! Also can we just talk about how beautiful this amazing place is... keep scrolling!

*Last 5 pictures are from the Thrive website!

Was I right or was I right? This place is such a perfect place to get work done! I highly recommend Thrive for all you ladies out there! Go see what I mean and visit today!


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