How to Maintain a Long Distance Bestfriendship

Hello loves! If you've been keeping up with me on insta stories lately, you knew that my bestest best friend was in town about 2 weeks ago! It was soooo nice having her so close to me since she lives sooooo far (Alabama) even if it was only for 3 days! Maintaining friendships can be so hard when friends are hella far! So I am going to share some things that work for my bestie Guielle and I! First: a little background about us before we get into this post:

1. We've been best friends for over 20+ years!

2. We grew up together in Huntsville, Alabama!

3. We went to school together at my grandmothers preschool and private academy!

4. We went to the same church for 13 years!

5. Our birthdays are 12 days apart and have shared a couple of birthday parties together!

6. She used to HATE smiling for pictures hahaha I would so show you guys some pics of us from back in the day but I KNOW she would kill me hahaha!!!

7. Almost 2 years ago was the last time I saw her!! (before 2 weeks ago)

8. In the 1st grade I made her and some of our other best friends at the time sing No Scrubs to a guy that liked me on the playground!

8. Her sisters sing in a Christian & Gospel group called Juzang! You can follow them on here Instagram , Twitter, iCloud, Spotify, and Youtube!

1. First things first: Knowing that it's okay to not talk all day everyday!

When we were younger we would talk a couple of times a week and comment a lot on each others Facebook timelines, and what not. However, Guielle works full time, works out (looking good bestie), is constantly working with her sisters on their music and brand, plus living her best life! As y'all know, I'm a preschool teacher, blogger, I babysit for 13 families, and I go to at least 2 events per week all on top of living my life as well. You can see that we lead VERY busy lives and we do not talk or text every day!!! Honestly one time we went about 1 1/2 months with out actually talking to each other! It defeinetly wasn't on purpose, however we are busy gals and we both have an understanding of this!

As we've gotten older, living in different time zones can get a little tricky and seems sooo much harder to try to keep in contact, but at the most random times both of us text the other just to make sure everything is okay, and sometimes we might not reply for a couple of days but at least we make the effort knowing that we thinking of each other. I felt like this is the most important tip, because for a while when Guielle was transitioning to college, I was struggling. It was kind of hard to see her make so many more friends that I didn't know, and would only hear about in text or see on Instagram. Parts of me thought that she was going to replace me, but then I got over that cause she probably thought the same thing since I have a few best friends. Just putting this out there Guielle if you're reading, YOU'RE MY BESTEST BESTIE!!!

2. Plan something that you both can look forward too!

Living as long distance besties, can be a strain on the wallet, like flying back and forth!! However if you commit to planning at least one meet up a year in advance then you should be good to go! Let me tell you, we have been trying to plan a trip together since we turned 20 and it just didn't happen! However Guielle and I planned our Bestie Birthday Trip to Destin, Florida for our 23rd birthdays 2 years ago and it was so much fun! We drove 5 hours and 26 mins from Huntsville to Destin and had such an awesome time (even if we did get lost on bikes) Planning our BBT about 6 months in advance was the smartest idea not only because we saved money, but because I personally had a count down to when I was going to be able to see my bestest friend in flesh and bones! We sort of have a trip planned for our 25th birthdays but some major things have been happening (I'll be able to update you all in a few months) that have put planning on a slight hold this year! Some of the places we are considering are:

1. Seattle

2. New York

3. Destin (Again!)

3. Create memories through FaceTime!

Don't get me wrong hearing your best friend speak about her relationship is great, but there is something so much sweeter when you can see her face light up when she talks about the guy she loves is just everything! Guielle and I try to FaceTime a couple times a month it doesn't always happen though, especially when we are playing phone tag (emmm last night lol). I love that Guielle trusts my fashion judgement and she FaceTimes me when she's having clothing dilemmas!

(Here we are facetiming the guy we sang No Scrubs to on the playground all those years ago!)

4. When you finally see each other- Plan something AWESOME

This last trip for Guielle was last minute and I only had a couple of weeks to plan for her arrival! I knew that I wanted to do a photoshoot with her because 1. I wanted someone to capture our friendship through pictures, 2. I wanted something that could last a lifetime! I love the fact that we can share these pictures you see on this post with the world, but most importantly to our children one day. I want them to see that even though their mom's lived far apart for a good chunk of their lives, they didn't stop that from still maintaining and making their friendship thrive to the fullest!

A letter to my bestest bestie: Guielle!

Guielle, I know I don't say this probably enough but I am so incredibly proud of what you have accomplished in our 24 years of life! You are one of the most hard working individual I know; the way you put in WERK at the studio, non stop for 5 hours straight with out complaining just proves the statement above to be hella true! I love that you are so strong for your sisters when it comes to handling the business side of things for your singing careers! You literally have the most angelic voice, and I love that I can point it out when the 3 of you are singing! (These are my exact words- yassssss that's my best friend, you better sing bestie! lol ) I love that you give me the best advice when it comes to these crazy guys, or just life in general! I want you to know that living so far from you has been one of the hardest things I've had to deal with but if it weren't for the move to Arizona I don't think our friendship would be this strong! I love you sooooo much bestie!


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