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Happy loves!! Happy Monday! First of all can we talk about how fast January is going! I feel like since the 1st of the year my feet has hit the ground running ever since! Although I actually love being busy, however sometimes it's just nice slow down the pace of my crazy life and really just remember to refocus on me! Below, I'm going to be sharing 5 self care tips and tricks that I practice and also want to try out!

1. Pamper yo self:

Although, I have my own gel LED light at my house, it's nice to go with a girl friend to get your nails done by someone else! Do you have a nail boutique that you go too? If not, try PROSE! PROSE is an upscale nail boutique located with in the Uptown Plaza in Phoenix! At PROSE you create an account, sign up for a membership of $105 which gives you three sessions between your hands and feet. Then book an appointment online and go anytime between 9am and 9pm durning the week and until 6pm on Sundays! PROSE has so many color options, and the staff is pretty great, they offer you tea or water and they are super friendly! My favorite part is that the pedicure chairs are so comfy, and they even have a charger for you phone! #theyaresosmart PROSE will be opening another location in Scottsdale in a few weeks, so make sure you try it out! Bonus: If you're a first time customer, you will be able too get a pedi/mani for only $50! Grab your girl and go!

2. Night Routines:

When I was in High School, I used to have a night time routine! I was actually relaxing to know that I had checked everything off my list! Now that I'm older, I never have time, or I usually just hit the sack as soon as I get home! That's going to change ASAP! I'm going to take off my makeup, wash my face, put on a mask, *not check any social media, and try out some soothing pillow spray, then put on rain sounds so I can sleep like a baby!

3. Reading/ Listening to books:

I used to love reading so much that I would stay up all night with a flash light under my bed to learn what happened to the kids of the Series of Unfortunate Events! (did anyone else read those books?) I also would check out 5 books and read them all over the weekend! I wish I had time like that again! I do miss turning pages of real books! Since I'm always so busy, my calm down time is when I'm driving! I love listening to audio books in the car! When I turn off my car, I wait until the next day or the next time I drive to pick up from where I left off. Listening to audio books in my car, makes me look forward to my me time!

4. Go to bed early:

This one sounds silly, but just imagine how much more rested you would feel if you went to bed 3 hours earlier than you usually do! There are some days when I have so much work to catch up on and I really need to do it, but I choose to go to sleep early and I feel so much better the next morning! Sometimes I wake up early and finish some of the work!

5. Take a moment to pause:

There are so many days where I just go, go, go, and I don't give myself any time to breathe in-between! When I'm in that situation (which lets be honest thats going to be this weekend yet again) again I am just going to say Josie it's time for a mini break, then I will stop, close my eyes, take 12 deep breaths and open my eyes again and continue on with my day. There is also absolutely nothing wrong with taking multiple breaks a day, especially if it keeps you sane!

Well loves, I hope these tips and tricks help you out if you're having a hard time balancing your busy life! I know I wrote these tips and tricks for you guys but they are also for me too! I WILL be practicing these to! Let me know what tips and tricks you use when practicing self care!


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