Top 10 Moments of 2017

Hello darlings, can you BELIEVE that this year has come and gone so fast? I can't, thats for sure!! Last year I shared my Top 10 moments of 2016 and 2017 has definitely exceeded last year to say the very least!! Reminisce with me as I write my Top 10 Moments of 2017!

10. Mighty Fine Galantines

Galentine's was my BABY! It was the first of 3 events I planned this year and I think I did a fabulous job at planning it in 3 weeks!! After this event, I got such a high from bringing people together, I just knew I had to plan more events. From our waffle bar, sweet treats to sharing our most embarrassing blogger stories, we had an amazing time! In a heart beat I would do this event all over again! I'm planning another one, so get excited!!

9. Working with Old Navy

How would you act if you got to work with a clothing company that you've been wearing since you can remember? You would go crazy I'm assuming? That's what happened when I found that I had been chosen to be apart of Old Navy's #sayhi to fall campaign! This was like a dream come true, honestly! If they wanted to work with me again, I would definitely say YES! You can see my 3 posts here: Post 1. Post 2. Post 3. Thank you Old Navy for wanting little old me to be apart of your amazing fall campaign!!

8. Bumble Local Bee

I've been working part time for Bumble (yes that BUMBLE, The dating app! ) since July! I really like being a local bee! Basically what we do is promote awareness for Bumble BFF, and Bumble Bizz! We have have around 4-7 tasks a month, we pass out swag, and my favorite: compliments and more. This summer we partook in a couple of staycations and it was amazing!! We also host 1-2 networking events a month which are THE BEST! Thank you Candice for pushing me to be a bee!!

7. Take my heart Dallas

I definitely left a part of my heart in Dallas, Texas this year! I was going through some things and was good to just get away to visit friends and family! I researched literally everything on Instagram- and I mean EVERYTHING! From the colorful wall to the best ice cream shop! Hashtags really help you, and now you can follow hashtags which is the best! I also met up with 2 of my followers from Instagram, and they showed me around the city as well! I would live in Dallas in a heartbeat! You can read my post here about some of my favorite places to go in Dallas here!

6. Saying Goodbye to Kate Spade

This year I did something I thought I would NEVER EVER DO! I left Kate Spade back in September and it was both saddening and exhilarating. Saddening because I was leaving behind an amazing team, and a career that I really loved. Exhilarating because I was sort of free. Free to explore new options that I never knew I had or could of had. I will ALWAYS have the biggest heart for Kate Spade! You can read more about this life changing moment for me here!!

5. Cinco De Bloggo

OMG if you know me you know I LOVE margs and Mexican food, and Cinco De Mayo! It made the most sense to have my next event at The Saguaro Scottsdale Hotel!!! This place was a dream to have my event at! I had around 26 people show up to this event! We networked, we drank margs, and ate delicious food! I would definitely go back to this date if I could!! I wrote a blog post about how to throw a networking party, you can read it here!!

4. T.J. Maxx Collaboration

T.J. Maxx! To tell you I was surprised at this email would be the lie of a century! When I worked with T. J. Maxx they asked me to challenge my self with only spending $50! If you know me, you know that I love a bargain shopping! I got some great finds for my birthday trip to Mexico! I loved working with them and obviously would do it again!!

3. Blogsgiving

Blogsgiving was by far the most successful event I have had this year!! I couldn't have done it with out my friend Mer! I am so glad she messaged me on Instagram because none of this wouldn't have happened if she didn't!! Our event was about community and we had one of the owners of Sip and Quinn from This Could Be Phoenix talk about our theme. It was so amazing to have this event here and the yummy food was also a plus! Take me back to Blogsgiving!!

2. Shea Bassador for Shea Moisture

Working with Shea Moisture was also a dream come true... I mean wouldn't you think so too after you've been using this product for 4+ years? I loved being a Shea Bassador because they hand selected only 100 of us. It made me feel so big in a world with billions of people! Don't forget the amazing products that I was gifted for my skin and my hair!! Thanks Shea Moisture!!




You're probably thinking why did Josie pick this as her number one moment of 2017?! I know, I know!! I choose this moment as my number one moment because My Girl Boss office means so much to me! From designing to decorating and long nights, I put in work with this office!! I have crazy thinking sessions in here, I have melt downs in here, I procrastinate in here, and I also get shit done in here too!! Basically majority of the content I create for Hello Silhouette comes from this desk I assembled together. Saying that makes me feel so great and that is why it is my number one moment for 2017! You can see more detail shots here!!

There are so many great moments of 2017 that I would have loved to include them in here, but that would be the longest post ever!!! Thank you to all of you who have supported me throughout this 2 year journey, I am so unbelievably grateful to you all!! I know 2018 will be even better than 2017, I am speaking into existence now! Have an amazing day loves!!


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