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Happy Tuesday loves! I absolutely ADORE the holidays, so much that I used to record EVERY. SINGLE. HOLIDAY. movie on ABC Family, Hallmark, Lifetime and anywhere else I could record, I would! I would watch every single one of them!! I know I'm not the only one either!! Now that I'm a little older (3 years lol) sadly I don't have the time to record or barely even watch Christmas movies like I used too. I am just way too busy. So instead, I opted for a different take on showing my love of the holidays this year! I've always wanted to decorate my room or my office for the holidays so I could enjoy it all month long and finally that is just what I did! I spent under $60 to add some holiday cheer to my home office!

When re- decorating my office for the holidays, I wanted to keep one thing in mind. I really wanted the decor to be pretty, yet simple! I know that can kind of be hard seeing as there are A TON of super cute holiday decor at Hobby Lobby or Michael's, it's just super over whelming! For my office space ( which in reality it's really just a wall, nothing huge) it's my thinking box, it's my creative corner! I wouldn't be able to do what I need to get done with all these cute distractions all around me! So pretty, yet simple it was! Let's get right into it!

Can we just talk about the light box for a second!! I found this gem at T.J. Maxx for $12! It comes with plenty of letters as well as emojis too!! I'm kind of obsessed! Next, I want to get a peg board- it's bigger and you can actually write a message longer than 3 words! Lol! Also, my Be Merry sign has come in handy because I have not only used it for my office decor, but for not one, or two, but 3 CHRISTMAS PARTIES!! Best $7 I've ever spent! It makes for a great photo wall prop!

Shop my Girl Boss Office!

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did! What are you wanting to change up in your space for the holidays!?



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