Monochromatic Monday's

Happy Monday y'all! As you know from my December Color Capsule, I will be wearing multiple colors this month like berrys/maroons, reds and so on! Recently I have been #LIVING for the monochromatic trend! It gives me all the heart eyes! I honestly didn't know if this trend was for me or I was just lusting over it. I have decided it is for me!! With having my Color Capsule it has been super easy to execute matching colors together! Here is my take on the monochromatic trend, I hope you like it! Let's get started!

How did you think I did?!? Now it's your turn! I have linked multiple berry/ maroon colored items for you to give this trend a try! You can either make a whole look with these items from head to toe, or taking an item or two to complete a look with the berry or maroon colored clothes you already have is another idea too! I actually will try this again so look forward to another Monochromatic Monday next week!!!

Giveaway!! I hope by now you are following me on Instagram because I am giving away a $50 dollar gift card to my ALL TIME favorite place:TARGET for my 2 year blogaversary!! All you have to do is subscribe to Hello Silhouette and comment done on this Instagram post! How easy is that! Well I hope you had the best Monday yet!!


* Pictures by: Demi

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