Color Capsule: December

HELLOOOOO DECEMBER!!! OMG We are officially in the last month of the year 2017 I really can't believe it!! November was so great to me and I introduced my color capsule! A color capsule is where you choose between 3-6 colors in clothing to create a capsule. I challenged myself to only wear the clothing from my color capsule rack for the whole month of November, with out buying anything to wear or even STEP FOOT IN TARGET!! Well I only bought one thing and I went to Target 3 times. Honestly I consider this amazing, because I usually shop all month long and, I usually to go to Target on a weekly (maybe multiple times a week but whose really counting?!) basis!!! The whole reason for me starting this capsule is to 1: save money because I'm using what I have in my closet (unless it's colors that I don't have then I give myself a budget of $200 for the WHOLE MONTH ) 2: to challenge myself to be creative when coming up with outfits using a color scheme, and 3: and for my grid on Instagram!

If I am being completely honest with you all, I never cared about my grid until probably spring time of this year out of 2 years of blogging! This summer was my favorite because I had decided with a colorful scheme and I had gotten so many comments about how much they loved my bright and colorful feed, or that my feed matched my personality, and so on! I have to say being colorful was super hard because I live in the bland desert, and unfortunately there is only one super bright and colorful hotel in Arizona that I personally love: The Saguaro Hotel in Scottsdale! I mean a girl can only take so many pictures there; you actually have to pay an insane amount of money to take pictures there and I couldn't get caught sneaking around again lol!! So around August I actually started to hate my Instagram grid because nothing looked right to me! Thats when I found an amazing fashionable account by the name of @krystajay! She is serious #GRIDGOALS (actually I had been following her since summer) She definitely knows how to execute a PERFECT GRID! I was so intrigued by how she as she calls it color crushing, that I decided to take on this challenge myself! I messaged her to ask if it would be alright if I also color crushed for my Instagram feed! I know I can do what ever I want on my page but since we follow each other, and became insta friends over the summer, I didn't want her to think I was legit coping her ( which I would never do!) She said yes and now we are here!! #yassss

How to choose capsule colors:

Since it was the last month of fall, I stuck to fall colors such as marigolds, hunter greens, purples, burnt oranges and so on, you can see here!

First things first, think of the season you're in, match the colors and then add some other colors for fun! For December I'm going to start off with berrys, and mauves, rose golds with hints of light pink, mixing it with silvers and golds! Also since it's Christmas time I'm obviously going to have reds, and emerald greens, but towards the end of the month! Side note: I always have neutrals like black and white/cream just in case!


Secondly after I have chosen what colors I'm thinking about using, I create a Pinterest board to get inspo from everywhere! It's full of the color scheme that I want, I also pin outfits or trends that I may want to try for that month, getting Then I start looking at the stores I love to kind of see what they have that I could possible want to use in my color capsule or just as more inspo. Also Instagram is another great source of inspo. I will search up the colors or trends that I like using hashtags and create a collection for everything that I like!


If you know me by now, I'm a #shopaholic! It used to be soooo bad that I sometimes hid my clothes that I bought in my trunk until they went to sleep then snuck them in.. #imighthaveproblems Anyways now it's time to shop, it will come pretty easy that you know what colors you need to be looking for- no getting side tracked (like me)! So depending on the colors you choose you might have to go shopping for your color scheme if you don't already have a lot of items! When creating my capsule I usually try to keep in mind that I need at least 6-7 pants/skits around 12 shirts/sweaters/blouses 3-6 jackets/cardigans of course all the accessories that you need such as shoes/purses/jewelry and lipsticks! Now if you already have the colors that you have chosen to wear, I would still buy 2-5 things for fun and versatility!

How I style my color capsule:

Now that you have chosen your colors, got some inspo, shopped in a store or your closet now it's time to style!

You will need these or similar items to get started:

Clothing Rack: Ikea

Bookshelf: Ikea

Bar Cart:Ikea

Faux Fur Rug: Hobby Lobby (it comes in pink too)

Hangers: Target

Clothing Rack:

I'm really OCD about my clothes organized by color first then by sleeve length! So for example if I have a spaghetti strap dress and a 3/4 length top, the dress will come first! I know its a little crazy but I've been doing this for as I can remember and it works well for me!


At the top of my bookshelf I'll usually put a sign or my clock but this time I put a light box and I'm obsessed!! For my first shelf I transformed this into a mini vanity, I hung a medium sized mirror and put a candle and a word stature on the sides. My second shelf I put a pair of sunnies, an earring/bracelet holder along with some lipsticks that I want to try for this month! The third shelf I put my purses that I will be using for this month, and the last shelf I added 3 pairs of heels!

Bar Cart:

On my bar cart I usually store purses or accessories! This time I used the top shelf to hold my gloves and to store my jewelry holder! The last two shelfs I stored more shoes!

Y'all I love this bar cart! It is so versatile I use it for EVERYTHING! I also love that Ikea brings it back every year with different colors! I have a aqua colored one in my classroom! *fun fact: do you remember my Girl Boss Office tour, well I actually wanted to spray paint my cart gold! I ran out of spray paint but my fingers were also sooo sore from spraying everything else! Haha, I'm glad it didn't work out cause I love it being neutral!

Faux Fur Rug:

I usually just place more shoes here but it's also a great piece to have when taking a shoe selfie!

* buy this at Hobby Lobby when they have an extra 50% off

Create Creatively:

Now that you have styled your capsule, its time for you to be creative and have an open mind when creating these outfits! Having a color capsule has opened up my eyes to so many cute ways to wear one item! You can be subdue, or super adventurous it's up to you! You may even find that you never knew that these two patterns would go so well together! I've said this before, and I'll say it again: I LOVE maximizing my closet and you can too when you create your own capsule!

Staying Consistent:

One of the reasons I didn't like my grid for a while was because I wasn't staying consistent with type of clothes I was wearing, to the pictures I was taking or had taken of me! With my color capsule, it's so easy to be consistent because you don't have to worry about if your next picture is going to match your grid because it will! You won't have to worry at all! I was very proud of myself last month because I usually am the WORST procrastinator (as I'm writing this on the very morning it's supposed to be published!) like ever! However last month I took pictures about a week and a half before I started the color capsule, then I was able to plan my grid and my captions well in advance and a handful of times I posted 2 times a day! Thats GOLD! Once you find a plan that works best for you and your brand it will just flow and start to become more natural, how exciting is that!!

Now for the big reveal:

So that's it!

As you can see this is quite easy, honestly anyone can do this color capsule! Especially now you have the tips and tricks! If you do decide to do a capsule please use the hashtag #hellodecembercolorcapsule

Happy Friday


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