2017 Gift Guides: Dad Edition

Happy hump day y'all, December begins in 2 days! #thisyearisgoingtoofast With the holidays coming up, I decided to make a few gift guides to make shopping a little easier for you! If you're following me on Instagram stories I posted 4 polls to see what kid of gift guides you all were interested in. There was a toss up between mom or dad gift guide and it was a super close call but mom actually won! However I decided to go with Dad because I know personally how hard it is to shop for my father so I thought this would be best for me and you all!

1. This backpack is perfect for everyday, from the office to random day trips! It's also such a great price too!!!

2. I love plaid on a crisp white shirt. Especially for the holidays!

3. Can you believe this is a smart watch?

4. This is perfect for dads who travel weekly from Monday - Thursday and don't want to carry a lot!

5. I'm still going crazy over this price for earphones this cheap, grab dad a pair or two!

6. If your dad's like mine, he's fashionable (with the help of mom and I) and likes to have fun with his socks!

7. These sneaks look just so comfy!!

8. A classic leather wallet will definitely be a great buy!!

9.This essentials kit is too cool, my dad likes to golf so this could be a potential gift!

10. The grill master is here! Dad will be prepared at all times with this grill kit!

Did you like these options for dad? If you did you can shop these options by clicking on the pictures!!

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