2017 Gift Guides: Hostess Edition

Happy Wednesday again! If you stoped in earlier, I posted my gift guide for dads with some pretty cool options, if not check it out here: Now moving on to the next gift guide: The Hostess!! Your hostess has been so great to you and the other families before, so are you going present her with a gift this year? Don't know where to start. Look no further! I've rounded up some awesome options take a look below!

1. If the hostess is from the south like me, we love anything with our initials on it so this monogramed cheese board is definitely for me errrr I meant her!

2. If this book isn't the most perfect book out there for hostess, then I don't know what is! Plus it's Kate Spade soooo.

3.Foodie Dice! This idea is actually really cool and could come in handy when you don't fell like going to the grocery store when only have a few things to cook with!

4. Everyone needs a southern cookbook to have on a bookshelf and to use when you're wanting to try some fried foods!

5. These are the BEST chocolate candies ever, and your host would most likely share these with you!

6. Like I stated above, cutest coasters ever!

7. If your hostess is a candle hoarder (also like me) then she will always need matches! This one has a cute sayings on them!

8. Disclamer you may or may not get TIPSY if you eat all of these champaign gummies! 😜

9. I love the look of this vase, bring her favorite flowers inside!

10. If you're reading this: BRING ALL THE WINE!

I know you're going to buy at least one item off this guide so just click a picture to do so!

Until next time!


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