Wednesday Night Scandal

I don't watch T.V. much any more but when I do, I need these shows to have at least 3 factors to keep me interested: scandal, cat fights, and fierce fashion! CW's Dynasty has ALL of that and more! Last week, I was invited to join a select group of bloggers and influencers to watch the premier of the re-boot show Dynasty at the lovely Mountain Shadows Resort. The room was set up with dreamy grey couches accented by orange chairs toped off with gorgeous marble top tables. This decor felt like it was taken right out of a scene of Dynasty! While having a pineapple mimosa in one hand and a few (more like 6) hors d'oeuvres in the other I was ready to watch!


What is a great show with out it? A young hot woman, an older wealthy man soon to marry each other for love? Doubt it girl! Something tells me that there is a actual juicy reason behind why they will really be exchanging vows! I can't wait to watch more to get the scoop!


Woman oh women! Slapping, name calling, clothes ripping and all the side eyeing! Through out this premier I was on the edge of my seat whenever Fallon and Crystal would argue, wondering if those moments were perfect for a cat fight! Of course the CW left the fight until the end #sosmart #imreadyformore


Ooo's and Ahhh's filled the room all the With majority of us being fashion bloggers, were definitely captivated by the fierce fashion that the main characters Fallon and her soon to be step mom Crystal debuted for the premier! Something tells me that the stylist have some more stunners up their sleeves!

Thank you to Avis and YourPHX6 for hosting us bloggers and influencers to this premier at Mountain Shadows! If you've never been you're in luck! You can enter here to win a free night getaway to the most beautiful resort in my state! Get even luckier with this amazing code DYNASTY for 25% off from now until 12/30

Is Dynasty something you would watch? Yeah? Me too!! 😂 Have a great day loves!


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