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Hello darlings, this post is about something so very close to my heart. My most favorite brand ever, Kate Spade. This post dives into how I learned about Kate Spade and how I got my job there and so on. Most importantly, I talk about me growing out of retail and learning when the right time is to let go of things that matter most. Enjoy!

Chapter 1. Josie Meets Kate

5 1/2 years ago I was sitting in Intro to Fashion Merchandising and in walks my teacher wearing the most beautiful striped belted dress that flounced perfectly side to side as she walked. I was in awe. Honestly I could not keep my eye off that dress for my entire 2 hour class! I found out it was a Kate Spade dress! Now, at this time I had saw Kate Spade purses here and there but never her beautiful dresses so I had to naturally I looked her up and found out that she was colorful, she was bold, she mixed patterns, she was witty, everything and more. Everything that I thought I embodied at that time in my life. I was so hooked that in a History of Fashion class I decided to do my museum exhibit project about Kate Spade. My teacher loved it!! #ofcourseshedid #causeduhhh 💁🏾

Peep my project here:

Chapter 2. Josie buys a Kate Spade purse and leaves with a........

Fast forward 2 1/2 years later, I decided that I needed a second job to have more income for when I move out to my first apartment. I applied to my favorite stores: T.J. Maxx, and Target. I got a call back for an interview at T.J. Maxx a week from the call date! One Saturday night, I decided to treat myself to something pretty before I moved into my apartment in a couple of weeks because I KNEW I wouldn't be doing so when I moved #allofthelies My mom suggested the Kate Spade outlet! I obviously had to rock the cutest outfit I could find - which of course included polkadots! As soon as I walked in I was greeted by the happiest gals on the earth surrounded by my heaven on earth... PURSES!!! 30 mins into my purse browsing, a associate told me I looked way too cute not to work there, and that she was going to tell her manager to come talk to me about working at the store! I'm sure I looked dumbfounded at this moment!! Was this actual real life? I honestly hadn't thought of working here because I had NO retail experience!! The manager on duty loved my look and asked me to attend an open interview! Of course I said yes! A couple days later, I spent the WHOLE day looking for the most perfect interview outfit. I changed at least 10 times and bought two new shoes an hour before my interview since 1 option wasn't enough! I walked in and KILLED THE INTERVIEW with my great people skills and I was offered a position right off the bat!! See my I got my dream job face below! ( I did go to the T.J. Maxx interview a couple of days before and the manager offered me the job, but I had to tell them I had one more interview at Kate Spade before I accepted any offers. He said although I'd love you here, please take that job!! LOL!! )

Chapter 3. Josie works at Kate Spade!

So above, I said that I had no retail experience, so I definitely had to be taught Kate way of selling! This involved a little green book that I had to carry everywhere to practice the steps! I'm so glad I did because that little green book is part of the reason who I am today. It taught me how to sell but most importantly it taught me how to deeper connect with the customer. I sold my little heart out for over 3 years and 4 months. I was recognized for always representing the Kate look, a top seller for the week a handful of times, as well for the month! I loved the people that I worked with, but I really loved my customers!! I loved getting to know them, laughing with them, helping confused boyfriends/husubands, and more, but mostly I loved creating a handbag experience like no other! Below are pictures through out my first 2 years at Kate!

Chapter 4. Josie applies to be a Shop Stylist!

With in 4 months of working at Kate Spade, I was asked by my boss at the time to become the Shop Stylist for our store! I was super happy, but once I learned that I would have to resign from my teaching job I was really torn. At this time, I decided to stick out the rest of the year as a teacher and if they still wanted me the next Spring/Summer then I would then apply! That's just what happened! I waited that year and finally applied with a video that we had to put on Youtube for the world to see!! It was the most nerve-racking 2 months of my life!! I FOUND OUT THAT I HAD GOTTEN THE POSITON OF SHOP STYLIST!!!! One of my favorite days to date!! View my application here! PSA: I was nervous the WHOLE ENTIRE TIME, and you can totally tell! Also I don't have red hair anymore! #lilbabyjosie

Chapter 5. Josie transfers to Specialty!!!

Before I dive right into this, I was at our outlet store while I was Shop Stylist! So I LOVE our specialty stores because everything you see from New York Fashion week is most likely in the store! March of 2016 there was a muse position opening at our Scottsdale location and my previous store leader at the outlets, Lauyrn was now an assistant store leader at specialty. She urged me to make the move. I did and I'm so glad I did!!! While I liked working at the outlet store, I absolutely LOVED working at specialty! It made me wonder why I hadn't transferred earlier! Below are pictures from my 1 year and 3 months at our specialty shop!

Chapter 6. Josie is always taking pictures

Josie can't help it if she loves all of her outfits! She was known to take a picture a day!!

Chapter 7. Josie is...over retail

Without noticing, I was slowly withdrawing myself from Kate. Earlier this year I changed my availability schedule from 6 days a week to 4 days a week. Then I would request at least 8 days or more through out the month off for blogging events and babysitting. I know I didn't do my best when I sold products, (coming from a competitive seller who made $50,000 in a month.) I was getting tired of doing night shifts on top of working already for 8 hours, on top of blogging, blogging events, and not to mention I babysit for 7 families. All of this was just getting to much, way too much. I came to a conclusion. I am over retail! With holiday season coming up soon, I just know that I wont be able to do any extra activities, or work on some fun projects for next year if I stayed on. So I made the conscious decision and put in my two weeks. If I said that I didn't feel a weight lifted off my shoulders, I'd be lying.

Chapter 8. Josie thanks you Kate.

Kate you have been wonderful! I have met the most amazing people, worked with the best co- workers, listened to some of my now favorite artist in the world!! I thank Kate for being my second home for the past years. Having a safe place to confide in my coworkers. For having a great boss who is also very flexible. Meeting 100's of new people who made working there so worth it! Overall, I can't thank you enough Kate.

Chapter 9. Josie, It's Ok to Let Go.

Josie you need to think of yourself first and others second. Stop doing the most. Protect your energy girl. It's ok to cancel a commitment. It's ok to want to be alone. It's ok not to answer that call. It's ok to take a day off. It's ok to do nothing. It's ok to speak up. However, most importantly, it's ok to let go. With that said, Kate, I love you and all the things you've done for me so this isn't a goodbye, it's definitely a see you later. (I definitely cried while writing this post!)

I am so excited for whats to come for me, some of it is planned, and some of it isn't. So stay tuned for what's coming next!


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