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Good morning loves!! If you follow me on Instagram I've been dying for summer to come to an end and fall weather to just magically appear!! #isthispossible My last post, I talked about fall transitions with a denim jacket! You can read it here! This time I will be showing you how to transition that summer jumpsuit into a fall work look! Let's get started!

First things first: You will need a jumpsuit that has little to no pattern. The only reason I say this is because bold patterns draw attention!! As a girl with some hips and a big ol' booty, in the work place I wouldnt want my coworkers and clients to be distracted by what I wear! Solid and subtle colors are always a great idea! I choose this chambray color because I knew I could wear it for every season! #barginshoppergoals

Second: In my closet, am all about maximizing me closet! I love when I can make two or more outfits from one silhouette! 👏🏾 👏🏾👏🏾 Do you have white button down? Grab it and scroll down to see what we're going to do!

Step 1: Put the button down on over the desired jumpsuit, and button until you have two buttons left.

Step 2: Gather both sides, cross and tie.

Step 3: Pull the remainder of the shirt. I like my shirts to fit a little tighter because of my smaller waist- thats just my preference!

Step 4. Tuck the belt of jumpsuit under the shirt if applicable!

Step 5: I usually tie the shirt a couple of times until I have a desired bow look! This also depends on what type of shirt you have. Mine happens to be a boyfriend version so its a little bit bigger!

Step 6. Cuff the sleeves for a more polished look. Add accessories, and you're all done! Lets be honest, this outfit is so cute, you'll probably wear this outside of work! 😘

I really hope you try this at home, I have not only done this with jumpsuits but also fit and flare dresses! It's just a great way to get more out of clothes that you already have! Let me know if you try this look!

Happy Friday and have the best weekend! My weekend will be busy so be on the look out for my Instagram Stories!!


Pictures by Jacqueline Trevino

Although this post was sponsored by Old Navy, all opinions are my own.

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