Fall Transition with Old Navy

Is anyone else over summer? Me, me, I am!! 🙋🏾 I am ready to be comfy, cozy, wear jewel tones, go pumpkin picking and more! Unfortunately here in Arizona, we won't fully get fall until mid October! Maybe that will change sooner, because as of two weeks ago, I noticed that on my way to work its about 83-86 degrees. Although that might not be a big deal to all you non Arizonians, it's a huge deal to us (or at least me) Any morning thats not 100 at 6:00 in the morning is a great morning!

With that being said, I am hoping to instead of speak fall into existence, to wear fall into existence! If that makes any sense?! Two words: transition pieces! When you live in a state that is so wishy washy with it's weather around this time of the year, transition pieces are your best friend! My choice of transition pieces are denim jackets! Below are three different outfits where you can wear your transition piece and still look fall proved!! Enjoy!

1. Denim Jacket & Graphic Tee- Running Errands

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1.Denim Jacket 2. Weekends Tee 3.White Skinnies 4. Crossbody 5. Slip Ons

I don't know about you but when I run errands during fall, I need to be cute, covered and comfortable! (you never know who you're going to see out) So graphic tee's are an absolute must in my closet! I paired this weekend tee with white skinnies and a black denim jacket. I mixed a lot of neutrals here, because YOU CAN! When you have a lot of neutrals adding a pop of color enhances the outfit! In the case that you are hot from running too many errands, just tie the denim jacket over your waist making it a versatile piece!

2. Denim Jacket & Post Gym Workout Outfit- Athleisure Wear

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1.Denim Jacket 2. Shirt 3. Sports Bra 4. Leggings 5. Sneaks 6. Water Bottle

Sometimes we just want to live in gym clothes, and that is ok, as long as it looks cute!! Athleisure at it's finest! I paired army green mesh leggings with a basic white stripe tee and a denim jacket! With this look, people will know that you tried today!! Am I the only person who only drinks water out of cute water bottles? It's definitely a motivator to keep myself hydrated before, during and after working out! While we transition into fall, hang on to that denim jacket before and after the gym so you don't get sick, going between cool air!!

3. Wear to Work- Slay the Day

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1. Denim Jacket 2.Dress 3.D'Orsay Pumps 4. Slouchy Hobo Bag 5. Beaded Tassel Earrings

When transitioning into fall, wearing pieces to work can be sort of tricky. On one hand it's cool in the morning and on the other it could be semi hot in the afternoon. Simple fix. Wear the jacket in the am and in the office because it gets too cold. In the evening place the jacket like so (scroll down to see) I paired this brick red dress with the denim jacket, and nude suede accessories, with a hint of gold.

Like my look? Shop it here 👇🏾

1. Denim Jacket 2. Dress 3. Mules 4. Earrings

Photos: Jacqueline Trevino

I hope you liked these transition outfits for fall! Let me know if you buy any of them! Have a great Thursday!


* * Although this post was sponsored by Old Navy, all opinions are my own.

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