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Good morning darlings! As you should know if you follow me on Instagram, then you would know I went to Dallas, Texas! I have to say I completely fell in utter love with everything about this city! I would definitely consider moving there if it WEREN'T for the horrible humidtiy that hates my hair!

This is a guide of the places that I personally fell in love with! Some of these places are in surrounding cities like Richardson, Greenville, and Plano! Lets get started!

1. West Village!

You guys know I am a sucker for anything colorful, so when I insta stalked some of 100 Dallas hashtags, I found the most PERFECT WALL THERE EVER WAS!! I really wish I could've taken this wall back to Arizona with me! Since this mural is in a shopping complex, it's actually in the worst possible spot ever: it's on a super busy street! I highly suggest you go there and take plenty of pictures!

2. The Tipsy Alchemist!

I don't ever think I have heard of a drink bar before coming here! It was a super cool place with really well crafted drinks, and you must have a reservation. There were so many options, I couldn't decide on what I wanted!! I definitely suggest you go here to take pictures and boomerangs of how they make the drinks! It's definitely all about the experience! I guess the one thing I didn't like about here is that their service wasn't the best, but the drinks made up for it! You must try The Edison (pictured below)

3. Sweet Daze!

This place isn't technically open yet, but it was super packed!! I was obsessed with it's all white walls, and their neon sign! Soft serve, boba, and colorful donuts galore! While, there aren't many flavors to choose from, you can mix and match! I got the Ube which is a limited flavor, and topped it off with salted caramel and almonds. If you come here, be prepared to get there when they open at 3 or earlier so you can snag a seat while your friends wait in line for you!

4. Mi Dia from Scratch!

Who would I be if I didn't at least have one Mexican food place on this list!?!?! Haha! So I got invited to Mi Dia from Scratch for a blogger brunch! The service was great, and the food was actually really good! (I only say this because, I had gone to two other Mexican food places before this and I was disappointed!) We had guacamole made right in front of us, and the food just kept coming out!! Look below to see the delicious food!!

5.Steel City Pops!

Another thing I wish I could bring with me to Arizona, Steel City Pops! I love popsicles and for this amazing place to have so many delicious flavors, I was in heaven!! SCP is located on the quaint walkable street of Lower Greenville! Families, and friends are welcome here, and the options are just endless! They even have little photo booth signs you can use!! Ugh Steel City Pops, pleeassseeee I beg of you, come to Arizona!

6. Lower Greenville!

How could a small town around Dallas win my heart over? Lower Greenville, you have the cutest walkable streets, and the cutest houses, and take pictures. You give me life!! There are so many places to eat, and if I hadn't eaten alllllll day I would've tried a bunch of things!! I definitely recommend coming here and trying Steel City Pops, and JOY Macaroons, and everything in-between! I need to live here! #obsessed

7. TOASTED Coffee + Kitchen!

Omg guys, so I have to be honest. I originally came here for the ombre steps, but something inclined me to try out an avocado toast. I. WAS. IN. HEAVEN. This avocado toast had red AND green sirracha on it!! I didn't even know that green sirracha was even a thing?! It was so good and I need to find it so my avocado toasts can taste the same!! Plusssss the ombre stairs are a perfect photo op!

8. BIRD Bakery!

Insert the cutest bakery EVER! I know I say cute/ cutest a lot, I can't help it! I'm addicted to cute things, and taking pictures at the cutest places! Y'all this place was simple but oh so stinking cute! They have really yummy food, and cupcakes galore! My favorite part about this bakery is that they serve mini cupcakes in egg cartons! #die Thank you cousin for taking me here!! Please go here, you won't regret it!!

I hope you get to visit all of these places and more one day, you'll have the time of your life!!! Dallas (and surrounding areas) you now have a piece of my heart!


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