One Piece Lovin'

Hey summer is that you? ☀️ Hello darlings, summer is in F U L L fledge mode here in Arizona! What better way to celebrate the summer months than to put on a cute one piece suit and strut your stuff to every hotel pool party there is!

One pieces have slowly but surely become my best friend! To be honest, I used to hate them, because I thought I was grown and should be able to wear a bikini at 12 years old, but my mom shut that down REAL quick! 😂 I now love them for multiple reasons:

1. You can still look presentable when you wear them as a top and shorts combo!

2. You won't get those sunny sunrays hitting at ever piece of exposed skin, leaving you with a weird tan!

3. There are so many cute styles to choose from!

Just to name a few!

Anyways, you gals/ guys know I love a great deal, so I'm sharing my top 10 colorful bathing suits $40 and under!

However, 1st I HAVE to show you my top favorites!

Now to the fun suits under $40!!

1. Cactus One Piece $40

2. Pamela One Piece $38

3. High Neck One Piece $32

4. Watermelon One Piece $36

5. Gingham One Piece $32

6. Miami Deep Plunge Fringe One Piece $26

7. Coconuts One Piece $30

8. Flamingo Bardot One Piece $35

9. Floral Bardot One Piece $32

10. Tropical Plunge One Piece $35

I hope these cute colorful one pieces inspire you to buy one and rock it all this summer!


* Photography by my girl, Diana!!

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