Semi Anual Sale with Uptown Cheapskate

Hello darlings! June has been a great month and were only 13 days in! In two more days it will be my 24th birthday! What better way to shop for a birthday dress then non other than Chandlers best kept secret: Uptown Cheapskate!

Uptown Cheapskate is a trendy resale boutique where they buy stylish clothing, shoes, and more! In return for your cute clothing, they will give you 25% in cash or store credit, which is a lot more! At UC, the staff is super friendly and they know how to style pieces to match season trends!

As if the prices for quality pieces weren't great enough, Uptown Cheapskate's biggest sale of the year is FINALLY back, the Semi- Annual Sale! What is this you ask?!? From June 15- June 18th, the entire store is on sale up to 70% off... I REPEAT, THE ENTIRE STORE IS UP TO 70% OFF so AKA: BEST four days ever! This is a great time to buy gifts, stock up on summer clothing, or buy your birthday dress like I did! Which by the way was only $7.99 imagine what it would be if it was still there for their semi-annual sale!? Did I forget to mention that there will be a preview night tomorrow June 14th from 4-8! This sounds amazing!!!!

Below are some pictures of me doing my favorite pastime: BARGIN SHOPPING!! The dress I'm wearing is from Uptown Cheapskate!!

With around 40 stores in the US and 3 right here in Arizona, you should stop in to one of your local locations and try them out!

Have the best day darlings!!


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