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Happy first of the month darlings!! First things first, we need to address something. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!!!! June 15th is the best day ever!

You guys, I'll be 24!! What like where did the time even go!

Second up: thredUP!

When I was younger, to escape my grandfather and my little cousins, my grandma and I would go shopping at Goodwill, and Salvation Army! She showed me how you can repourpose anything from clothing, purses, and of course my grandmothers favorites: furniture! As a grew older, thrifting became a favorite past time of mine and I became a master thrifter! Finding the cutest vintage dress, to name brand purses, to finding perfect 90's theme attire for a party in 20 minutes!

Now that I'm super busy, I can't take my time to carefully peruse the isles like I used too! Although it does make me super sad, I love the concept at ThredUP! ThredUp is the LARGEST ONLINE CONSIGNMENT, & THRIFT store! Here you can buy new or gently used previously owned clothing! You can also consign (SELL) your clothes with a Clean Out Kit! You simply send the trendy, defect free, top brand clothes to thredUP! From there they will determine what they take and how they will pay you out! If you want to learn more about this type of process, you can click here!!

Dress time!

As I was browsing the many options, I knew I wanted something bright and cheery perfect for spring/summer! I think I got up to page 9 before my eyes darted straight to this gorgeous Milly dress! I was surprised at the price too! A whooping $19 dollars! This dress is basically perfect! It's structure is great, the material is definitely high end, and the best part is that they have POCKETS!! What's better than pockets? Absolutely nothing! I recently wore this dress to a little brunch get together at Arcadia Farms and I got SO many complements!

From now on, I will be using thredUP for all of my thrift shopping/ closet clean out needs! Will you try it too?!

Until next time,


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