My Girl 🙋🏾 Boss Office

Good afternoon darlings!

I am sooo very excited to share my most favorite space yet! I call her The Girl Boss office!

About two months ago we got our home remodeled and my mom asked me if I wanted to have my own space in the loft area to work on blog things. Of course I said yes! At the time, my then office was in my room RIGHT. NEXT. TO. MY. BED! Whoever | ME | thought that was a great idea, was wrong!

I'm so sleepy after a long day, I would usually have to force myself to write a blog post because I'd rather try to catch up on sleep! Now, It's the complete opposite!! I love my work space, It's so pretty that it makes me want to stay focused and productive!

I will be sharing

1. My Inspiration.

2. Where I got the items from.

Let's get started!

My Inspo:

I wanted a chic yet cute new office space! I really wanted to incorporate whites, pinks and golds, and just make this office space ultimately a girl boss office!! I think I did just that! Pinterest has become my best friend over the past 5 years, so I have accumulated plenty of pins and inspiration! Below are my top 3 looks that inspired me to work in such a chic office!

The Girl Boss Office has made her appearance!

All my major office pieces i.e.: bookshelf, table top/legs and bar cart, I got from Ikea! The chair is from Home Goods! My mom snagged this chair up so fast, and it was only $50 (I tried to find a similar chair to link for you all, but a no go! ) My fur rug is from Hobby Lobby! I have been looking for the right sized one for a year and this one was under $20 with a coupon!

I love the pops of gold and pink! If you saw on my Insta Stories, you would have seen that I was up to a top secret project! That top secret project was spray painting my bookshelf and the legs of my table! It took about three spray paint bottles to be able to cover front, back and touch ups, but it was fairly easy!

It's all in the details!

I love that my favorite photographer captured all the little details that made The Girl Boss Office what it is now! At the end of each picture, I will link the exact products or similar products!

Hello Gorgeous Mug

For Good Measure Set

Similar Globe Lights

As if I didn't already didn't have enough books from fashion school, I decide to get these great coffee table books! I love to often refer back to them just to freshen up my memory and to see how frequently fashion repeats itself!

I loved Stacie in What not to wear, so when she came to a local bookshop I had to see her! When it was time to ask questions, I stood up and she immediately told me she loved my color combination! How cool is that! The Truth About Style


Stlye A to Zoe

I received I Love Your Style as a present for becoming a shop stylist at my Kate Spade Outlet store! I Love Your Style

Secrets of Stylist

Use gold spray paint to achieve the gold look for the Eiffel Tower!

Gold Chevron Tray

Similar Polka Dot Dish


Acrylic Pencil Holder

Gold Pens

Polka Dot Tumblr

Acrylic Letter "J"

Gold Metal Burst Ball

Similar Hammered Gold Vase

Hello Sign

Pictures by my fave: Diana Avalos

Thanks for joining me on my Girl Boss Office tour! I hope you loved it as much as I did!!

Until next time


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