Family bonding at Lockdown Escape Rooms

Good morning darlings, and HAPPY FRIDAY!! I have explained mostly in my Instagram posts how insanely busy I am! It has not only taken a toll on me, but it cuts into my family time as well! My dad's birthday was coming up and I knew I needed to take some time and spend it with him! (I'm a total daddy's girl) Although I do live with my parents, I hardly see them because of how early I leave for work, and how early they go to sleep! 😂

Luckily, back in early April, I received an inquiry about trying out Lock Down Rooms! To be honest, I have heard so much about these experiences from friends that I knew I wanted to try it out! It just so happens that one of the dates available for me to try was on the 22nd, which is my dad's birthday! HOW PERFECT!

Since I don't see my family enough, I invited my dad of course, my mom, brother, and my brother's girlfriend! We had so much fun! We arrived at the Samurai room with 60 minutes to try and find 3 parts of the Shogun to escape the room! We unlocked 2 of the 3 parts, and let me tell you 60 minutes goes by WAY too fast! Since I can't tell you EVERYTHING because they want to keep the secret to escape, a secret, I will give you the honest opinions of myself and my family members!

Dad: "I thought Lockdown Escape Rooms was fun, something different to do and made you actually use everyones intellect to navigate thought the clues. Being a 1st timer, I thought it outlive been helpful to now that you would be i the room with no idea where to start or look for the 1st clue. 3 free help calls was good, but I felt like 1 or 2 more would have been better for first timers. Too dark for old eyes, more light needed, or to replace the paper clues with new ones. However I would go again"

Mom: "More fun than imaged! Even though we didn't find all three weapons, we want to go back. I liked Lockdown Escape Rooms because it was clean and updated"

Brother: " Great place to test your smarts, and creative thinking. Would recommend for a first date option to create a great bonding experience! I also think it's in a good central location!"

Brother's Girlfriend: "Lockdown Escape Rooms was so fun and challenging! It was such a fun experience and I definitely pan on going again with my family! I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a fun challenge and problem solving! We got to try the Samurai room for our first time, but I plan on trying the Chem Lab room when I go again!

Last but not least, ME! '" As a first timer, I didn't think it was going to be as fun as it actually was! I like how they gave us a small briefing of what exactly we were looking for! Next time I will ask for a clue right away because we had no idea where we should've started!! I always have friends and family coming into town looking for something fun to do besides going out, or shopping, so I'll definitely take them here! "

I hope you do get a chance to try out Lock Down Escape Rooms, it is definitely worth the 60 minutes and the $28 dollars!

* Lockdown Escape Rooms did pay for my whole group to try one of the rooms out, however all opinions of myself and family are our own!

Have the best weekend ever,


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