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So you want to throw a networking party huh?

Do it! I am going to share my top 5 tips on how to throw a successful networking party! I hope these tips are helpful as they came from the accomplishments and mistakes I've made with my last networking party | Galentine's | and my most recent one Cinco De Bloggo! Let's get started!

1. Location, Location, Location! Back in college in one of my fashion classes, we discussed when talking about choosing a location for a boutique we had to do research on the best location! My teacher would say location three times to get it stuck in our heads! Choosing the best location is definitely key number one in this post because, what ever the theme is going to be, or how many people this venue can hold, or even if its a central location for everyone to meet at is super important to do it in a timely manor!!

I would suggest at least try to meet up with the owner or manager a good month and a half or two months away from the event! I knew that I wanted to have a Cinco De Mayo themed event, I knew I wanted at least 20-60 people there, and The Saguaro Scottsdale is in obviously Scottsdale and its a pretty central location for majority of the people that came! So The Saguaro was perfect! Plus would you look at how colorful it is!! #allthehearteyes #canilivehere? #no? #ok

2. Tickets Please! If you are going to charge for the event, I highly suggest using Eventbrite! Eventbrite was really easy to navigate, and I wanted a seamless check out for the attendees! With Eventbrite, you can have the option to either have the money direct deposited into your account, or PayPal! I always use PayPal because I know it's secure, and thats key!

The one thing I really liked about Eventbrite is that you are able to download the tickets straight from your phone to your iPhone wallet app! This is great because, the attendees don't have to worry about forgetting to print off their tickets! There are more great things about Eventbrite, go check them out for your next event!

3. Collaborations! If you're thinking of trying to collaborate with companies to get decor, or party favors sponsored, for your event, go for it! It never hurts to ask! I learned this from my Galentine's party! I emailed Bootay Bag asking them to sponsor some product for 30 bloggers in exchange for social media posts from each of the bloggers! This company has over 18.4 K followers on Instagram alone! I was scared they were going to say a BIG fat NO! Nevertheless, they emailed me back and said they would love to sponsor us! After they had sent me the product, they said they would love to collaborate again in the future! HOW COOL IS THAT!

When emailing the company for your event, do so with in a month and a half! Why, because communicating through email can go back and forth for a while, and then depending on where the product is coming from, that could take up to 2 weeks, and so on and so forth! You just want to be prepared for A N Y mishap that could happen! When working with a hotel, they generally don't want you to outsource food or beverages, because they can make more money off of you if they have a restaurant on location! For the Cinco De Bloggo, I wanted to collab with some companies but the companies I wanted to collab with were food and beverage, and since this was my first time working with a hotel, I didn't know the ins and outs! I even sent 2 emails to my favorite food place, but no response back, I was soooo sad!! LOL!! I recovered because I had all the chips, salsa, and guac my heart could handle!!

4. Be a promoting/networking queen/king!

Promoting: Social media and specialty groups will be your best friend! I asked the hotel if we could take a mock photoshoot for our promo pictures, luckily they said yes! Between myself and about 8 other gals promoted the event with the mock photoshoot pictures! I think the biggest mistake on my end was not a long enough promotion. We promoted for a week and a half, where I probably should've promoted at least 2 and a half weeks! I may or may not have had more attendees, if I did! I'll never know, but I'm learning from my mistakes and that's all that matters!

Networking: lets just say hashtags give life! I searched up the hashtags that I use on a daily and some that I don't to find local bloggers, creatives, and businesses! I honestly don't remember how many emails I sent to people, but I'm so glad I did! I had 4 gals come from those emails! If I didn't send them I probably wouldn't have meet them! #shoutouttohashtags

5. Don't be afraid to ask for help!

I am a very prideful person, so I rarely ask for help! Especially, because I'm also a slight perfectionist, so if I do ask for help and it doesn't look right I won't be very happy lol! Only because when planning these events it becomes your baby and you can't help it! However, I did need help with some things that were a little bit over my head! It actually felt good asking for advice and help, so I will live a little and be LESS prideful when my next event comes around!!

I hope these tips were helpful to you!! Enjoy the rest of the pictures down below! Shout out to my favorite photographer, isn't she the cutest?!?! Book her here!!

Eat ALL the chips, guac, salsa, queso, tacos, and more and have the best Cinco De Mayo EVER!!!


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