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Good morning darlings! Back in March I received product from an amazing all natural, non toxic, cruelty free skin care company called AJ Apothecary! Last time around, I tried the Caffeinated Sugar Scrub, and the Luxurious Lip Balm, you can read more about the product and what I thought about it here!

A quick intro the brand! So I became a brand ambassador for AJ Apothecary! AJ Apothecary is an all natural, non toxic, and CRUELTY FREE (big factor in my book) beauty product brand that wants you to feel confident, and beautiful while wearing natural products!! I was very excited to partner with AJA because usually natural products with high quality ingredients like these, cost an arm and leg. AJA is definitely affordable and is for sure worth the the money you're going to spend on it!


This month I was able to test out the Deep Sea Mineral Mask! I love a good mask, because it takes less than a minute to apply it to my face! When I leave it on for 20 minutes, I can catch up on tasks that I've slacked on | sleep | 🤷🏾‍♀️ #guiltyaf and more! After 20 minutes is finished, I take off the mask with a warm towel and tada, you're done!! This Deep Sea Mineral Mask is basically heaven in a jar! The ingredients are so rich, you can feel it when you put the mask on! I honestly was expecting the mask to be thicker but as you can see in the pictures below, it's super light weight aka: best type of skin products ever!

Lavender is one of the main oils in this mask, and it so happens to be one of my favorite essential oils! So when I put the mask on I felt so cool, calm and collected after a crazy day of kids 😊 After I took the mask off my skin felt and looked super refreshed! On my forehead, I had some dark spots from acne scars which I couldn't get rid of, however I've used this mask about three times before writing this post, and those spots are slowly going away! 3 TIMES GUYS! THATS TRULY AMAZING!

I definitely recommend this product, if you love lavender, and you're looking to reduce blemishes and wrinkles, have refreshed glowing skin! You can purchase the Deep Sea Mineral Mask here!!

All Hello Silhouette readers will receive 15% off their order with the code HELLO15 at https://www.ajapothecary.com

Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own. Thank you AJ Apothecary for sending this amazing natural products for me to try out!

Have an amazing rest of your weekend!


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