How to Survive Coachella

Hello darlings! Festival season is very well upon us and I know you are so excited! Wait! What if it's your first time? Don't worry, I've got you covered! * Shout out to my friends who've gone plenty of times who gave me these awesome tips to share with you all, since I've never been to Coachella! 😂

Let's get started!

1. Dress: first things first, obviously you need to dress cute lol however then you need too...

  • Buy cheap sunnies because you'll probably loose those cute Ray Bans! Target has a great selection!

  • Even though it's hot during the day, have on hand a flannel or a jacket for the temperature drop!

  • Wear comfy shoes because DUHH you'll be walking around, dancing crazily, and standing for pretty much the whole day!

  • Bring a bandanna, not just to look cute, but to block all the haters aka: (THE DUST)

2. Health: your health is very important, you paid all this money to see your favorite artists and bands, take it seriously!

  • Wear SPF! The worst part about going to a festival is coming back looking like a lobster! It takes 2 seconds!

  • Take as many water breaks in the shade (where you can find it) as possible! You don't want to become dehydrated and miss out on the fun!

  • If you have allergies, then don't forget those allergies pills girl!!

3: Food: we all get hungry!

  • Watermelon slices are a MUST so sweet and juicy, you cant get enough!

  • Try ALL the food! There are endless food stands that come from all over for #chella goers to indulge in! You won't want to miss out on the instagramable (yes I totally made that word up) food pictures!!

4. Being Prepared: is the worst thing you could not be...

  • You're going to want to capture the whole weekend on snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and more! So DON'T forget a portable charger. This will be a lifesaver for sure!!

  • If you're going with a group of friends, have a plan set WELL in advance as to, whose planning the trip, how you're going to get there, whose paying for what, and so on!

I hope those simple tips helped you be prepared, wether it's your first take, or you're a seasoned coachella alum!

I partnered with the amazing Melissa of Stylista Fitness! You can read her post about our Coachella style here. I actually met Melissa almost a year ago! She has been one of my great blogging mentors, and an awesome friend, and she's just sooo amazing! I'm sooo glad we got to connect and do so many blogger things together! Thanks for collaborating with my crazy tail! I love ya girly!!

The clothes were provided by one of my favorite #girlbosses Maleny of Maleny G Shop! You guys she has only had her online store for less than a year, and she just opened up a brick and mortar only 2 months ago! She's only 25, she's definitley the definition of a Girl Boss! Thank you so much Maleny for letting us borrow your merchandise!

The beautiful pictures were taken by Sharom of Sharom Rosas Photography! I actually met her through Maleny for a photoshoot, and we've been cool ever since! She is amazing, she captured Melissa and I's true personality through pictures, which isn't hard to do if you're having a great time!

Thank you Sharom for these gorgeous pictures! Love ya!!

Until next time


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