Good morning darlings! If you follow my Insta, last Friday I announced some B I G news! Im sure you can guess what that is by the title of this post! About two months ago, I entered this contest to be a #sheabassador for my most fave natural hair product: SHEA MOISTURE! Then a couple of weeks after that, I got an acceptance email from Shea Moisture, and from there waited for my box of goodies to arrive! I don't think I have been more excited for anything else in the world!

So essentially what I will be doing as a #sheabassador will be: posting lots of pictures (duhh) sharing my honest thoughts in reviews, posting tutorials on YouTube, and more that will accumulate into points! It seems like A LOT I know, however the end, if i have the most points all the 130 other participants, then I could possible win a trip to New York! Let's get right into this review!

Review of the Dragon's Blood & Cherry Coffee Stressed Skin Line:

My first box came with all the goodness!! I will just tell you off the bat, I am completely obsessed with this line! This is the perfect skin care line for my busy life! As you all know I am a ver busy gal! I have one full time job, one part time job, one part/part time job, I babysit in between, I have my baby (Hello Silhouette) and blogger events! Phew! There's more, but what I'm trying to say is that with all these jobs, and staying busy, I need a product what is going to basically perk my skin up naturally! Insert the super easy to use: Dragon's Blood, and Coffee Cherry line!

So I wanted to test it out a couple of times before I wrote a review! My results were great, I don't think my skin has been revived like that before! When I first used the foam facial wash, it felt so nice on my warm skin, I knew that something magical was about to happen! Transitioning into the mask; you're really only supposed to leave it on for up to 10 mins! However while I was waiting for the mask to set, I fell asleep! * look I had just gotten home from a 15 hour work day, don't blame me! I woke up the next morning, and washed the mask off then applied the moisturizer then went about my day! I didn't know how much I was going to love this mask until my skin was still SO VERY soft 2 days later! I really do recommend this amazing product line!

Product details:

1. Instant Rebound Foaming Face Wash/ Step One

  • Start off with a damp face and use the pump for 1-2 pumps!

  • Massage into your skin in a circular motion

  • Rinse with warm water and pat your face dry!

2. Instant Rebound Mask/ Step Two

  • Apply a thin layer of the cooling cream to face

  • Allow cream to set for up to 10 minutes

  • Take off with a damp face cloth

3. Instant Rebound Moisturizer/ Step 3

  • Apply a thin layer to clean skin

  • Go about your day with smoother than a babies bottom skin! 😉

Volume Lifting Spray:

As a natural, I love when my hair has the big/poofy look! So having this spray makes things a lot easier than having to pick my hair out every hour! It's super light weight and smells really great! I'm going to continue to use this spray!

Shea Butter Luscious Lipstick in Poppy

Looking for the most perfect red lipstick for my skin color has been a struggle! The fact that Shea Moisture's Poppy pairs perfectly with my skin and it's also super moisturizing for my lips is a bonus in my book! This is definitely my new go to lipstick!

I am so very thankful for this super awesome opportunity to share my love for Shea Moisture with you all and I hope you love the content that I am sharing with you all just as much as do!

*This is sponsored, but all my opinions are my own, Thanks Shea Moisture*

Amazing pictures by my fave: Diana

Have an amazing Friday! I hope you do amazing things this weekend!


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