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2017 was the year that I vowed to be my self care year! In the past I would never take the time to pamper my self because I was ALWAYS busy! Although I am still very busy, need to take care of myself with product that are natural and safe for my skin! I'm sure you've heard of the saying "black don't crack" basically meaning that we will look young forever! Even though thats true, that doesn't mean that we shouldn't take care of our skin!

So I became a brand ambassador for AJ Apothecary! AJ Apothecary is an all natural, non toxic, and CRUELTY FREE (big factor in my book) beauty product brand that wants you to feel confident, and beautiful while wearing natural products!! I was very excited to partner with AJA because usually natural products with high quality ingredients like these, cost an arm and leg. AJA is definitely affordable and is for sure worth the the money you're going to spend on it!

This month I got to try two products:

1. Caffeinated Sugar Scrub

Ok, I have a confession to make.... I don't drink or like coffee. You're probably wondering why I would test out a product, if I didn't actually like it? That's because coffee has some great benefits such as exfoliating, it can temporally reduce cellulite (which I never knew) and it can give you smooth skin, to name a few!

How cool is it that the coffee beans to make this scrub is from Sunergos Coffee, a local coffee shop where all AJ Apothecary products are made! I really did love this caffeinated sugar scrub! My skin was so smooth it was ridiculous! Honestly I have cellulite #keepingitreal so I will definitely use the CSS weekly to reduce cellulite! This sugar scrub can be a great birthday gift to friends who are OBSESSED with coffee! Plus guys you can use this too!!

Anyways, all you have to do is:

1. Apply the product and massage into your skin

2. Rinse it off with water

3. Brag to friends and family how smooth your skin is, and if they don't believe you tell them to try it themselves!

4. Repeat as many times as you want

If you're a fan of skin smoother than a baby's bottom, and you are obsessed with coffee, this is the natural product for you!!

2. Luxurious Lip Balm

My lips used to be smooth and all one soft pink color up until a month ago. They started to peel and they were getting darker! I was appalled because this has NEVER happened to me in my life! My lips were reacting to cheap chapstick! Of all the things my lips can react to it would be this, right! I'm happy to say that my lips are all one color, and there is almost no peeling anymore because of the Luxurious Lip Balm!

This LLB has been my true lifesaver, honestly! It's moisturizing enough for my lips not to peel and they are silky smooooothheeee for like ever! I usually put a little bit on my lips before apply matte lipstick! Ladies, I know you can relate when you apply matte lipstick in the morning and if you talk all day like I do at my jobs by the middle of the day, your lips feel so dried out? Now they won't! Seriously buy this lip balm and you won't have any worries about dried lips again!

All Hello Silhouette readers will receive 15% off their order with the code HELLO15 at https://www.ajapothecary.com

Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own. Thank you AJ Apothecary for sending these amazing natural products for me to try out!

Have a fantastic Monday


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