The Perfect Galentine's Party!

Hello darlings! It has been an entire week since I threw my Galentine's Party, AKA: best party ever!! I invited 23 of my favorite new and old local bloggers to network, share embarrassing blog stories, photo ops and more!

I'm sure you're pondering how in the world did I throw a picture perfect Galentine's Party in 3 weeks?! Below I'll share 8 tips and tricks to throw a Galentines Party with out spending and INSANE amount of money!

1. Adorbs online invitations!

I made my invitations online at and there were plenty of options for Galentine's/Valentines! I love Evite because it cost NOTHING, and I can send the Evite to anyone with an email (like how do you not have email by now?) the guest can upload pictures from the event and more! If you're trying to save money with invitations, I highly recommend Evite!! Look at how cute this one is!!

Price: FREE

2.Hire a photographer!

If you can hire or collaborate with a photographer for your event, DO IT!! Probably the best thing I could've done ever! Although I love capturing the details of a great party myself, I actually wanted to focus on my girls and have a good time! If you are local, Diana of Diana Photographs is so sweet, and she's amazing behind that camera!

Price: Collaboration!!


If you haven't been following me that long, you should now know that I am completely and totally obsessed with Target! (now play obsessed by Mariah Carey) If I could, I would live, breathe, and eat Target! Target's dollar section, Goodwill, and having an Amazon Prime membership was how I picked the decor for the party! You know me always looking for a bargain! If you decided to throw a themed party, make sure you start shopping at least three weeks in advance, so you get the best choices!

Price: Roughly around $120 for everything!


Not everyone knew each other, so having an icebreaker was a perfect way to get to know another! I had everyone bing a new bottle of nail polish to trade and everyone stated these four facts about themselves!

1. Name and Instagram Handle

2. Favorite color.

3.Favorite Place to Shop

4. Most embarrassing blog/life story

Most of us had some really embarrassing stories, and it was great to share some great laughs!

Price: $2.99 for my nail polish!

5. DIY Waffle Bar! Since the time of the party was a little after brunch but not quite dinner, I decided on a waffle bar! It's simple and the girls got to make their own waffles and choose the fruit toppings, and plus waffles are perfect for photo ops!

Price: $20 Unless you have these items at home or you can have the attendees sign up for what to bring!

6. Sips, DIY Candy Bar, and Sweet Treats! For the sips, we made it optional for the gals to bring their favorite wine to share with the others, in addition to the the drinks we had brought. Almost everyone brought wine! For the candy bar, I asked the girls to also bring their favorite Valentine's Day candy! I bought majority of the vases at Goodwill, and the cute treat bags were from none other than Target! There was so much candy, which made pictures look great! The CUTEST conversation heart cookies with some of my favorite sayings, were made by my friend Jamie of Queen Frosting! She is super sweet and was very detail oriented when it came to decorating the cookies for me, as you can see in the first picture below! 😍 My great friend, Allyssa of Simply Alyssa made the cutest marshmallow pops, the chocolate covered pretzel rods, and the dipped mini pretzels! It's great to have friends who are willing to help you out!

Price: Sips: $26 Candy Bar: $23 for the jars, and $3.29 for my fave Dove chocolate!

7. Goodies! When planning this party, I knew I wanted my gals to take away something cute! So I decided to email Bootay Bag for our goodie bags! I was so ecstatic with them saying that they would love to sponsor free undies for my event!!! (this was super important to me cause it would have been my first time working with a biiiggggg brand like this!) Each gal got to take home a pair of panties of their choice, as long as they posted about it and used the hashtag #undermatters for a $1 donation to the Melanoma Foundation! The girls really loved this aspect of the party, and they were surprised!!

Price: Sponsored!!

I love throwing parties for my fellow blogger girls! We have such a great blogging community here in Arizona, I love it! Thank you to Neyda and Katrina for

the extra pictures, for Lauren for opening up her home, and to Karolina for helping me co-host! I really appreciate it ladies!I hope this guide to throwing a Galentine's Party inspires you to try it out next time! Until then, check out my cute skirt from none other than Target, but in the children's section!


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