100 Days of Fitness

Hello darling! I'm sure by reading this title you're wandering what crazy challange I'm up too now! Well it has finally dawned on me that I have gained back the weight I worked so very hard to loose between July- November! Why did I gain that weight back you ask?!

Well here are some lovely answers:

1. For the WHOLE month of December, I did NOT work out not one bit! Well unless you count the stairs I go up and down at least 10 times a day at my Preschool ha!

2. I didn't meal plan. I basically ate at Cafe Rio 3-4 times a week * disclaimer it's cheap and it's the only place thats decent and opens at 10:30 which is the exact time I take my lunch break.

3. It was the holiday season folks! Between working at a preschool, a store, and plenty of holiday parties, my eyes annnnd my mouth were happy!

4. The amount of french fries and quesadillas that I at 12am Puerto Rico, annddd all of the yummy restaurants that we tried should be illegal....

* High waisted in August

With all of these answers, there is no room for excuses, and I knew I needed to be accountable and take action soon.. * just not in January cause lets be serious.. 😂 So when my mother came to me to ask if I wanted to join her in working out for 100 days strait, I definitely looked at her reaaalll CRAZY! She told me basically that all I had to do was work out for 30 minutes or more a day and eat healthy! I realized that I really did need to do this, because when I went to PR, I felt so gross and super uncomfortable in my high waisted bikini bottoms.. I shouldn't feel like this on vacay none the less. I never want to go through that experience again so, this is how I am taking action and making my self accountable for the next 100 days!

* High waisted in December

My 100 day fitness challenge starts today February 1st 2017 and ends May 12th 2017!

*Every day I will commit to working out at least 30 minutes or more a day, wether it's Yoga, Zumba, weights, or even just a simple workout!

*Consistency is key! Every day I will keep my self accountable with recording at least 1 minute of every work out and complying a video twice a month!

* I will also be taking progression photos and measurements the 1st of each month!

*As we all know, working out is great, but eating healthy is the real key, I'll be making my own meal plan, so I will be held accountable for my own actions!

*With having two jobs, and a blog, and babysitting, I am a busy girl! So scheduling in my Happy Planner has never before been so crucial, but I'm up for the challenge

I'm super excited about this challenge, not only because I'll be able to try new classes around the valley, or because I'll be able to wear super cute work out clothes, but because I want to get my cute body back that I worked so HARD to get only a few months before!! So I challenge you to join me in this challenge with posting pictures of you meal planning, eating healthy, pictures or videos of your workouts with the hashtag #hello100daysoffitness

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Here are my before pictures!

I hope this post and pictures encourage you to make a well needed change in your life! If you have any questions or suggestions for me, please don't ever hesitate to contact me!

Feb. 1st 2017

Weight: 160.4


Chest: 35

Waist: 30

Hips: 45

Left arm: 12

Right arm: 12

Left thigh: 27

Right thigh: 27


Pictures taken by the wonderful Diana of Diana Avalos Photographs

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