San Juan Travel Guide!

Good Morning loves! I miss PR and it's weather so much that I decided to do a travel guide for what to do, where to stay, where to go, and great places to eat! So don't mind me as I start reminiscing over my amazing trip! Lets start with:

Where to stay:

La Concha Resort :

My family and I stayed at the La Concha Resort in Cornado, San Juan! It was a beautiful property with beautiful room and wonderful staff! There is so much to do at just one hotel! From swimming in one of 3 pools, to attending classes in their ocean view gym, to the lobby transforming into a lively bar by night! Serious about that last statement, when we arrived at 1:30 in the morning, drinks were being sipped, music was bumping and bodies were dancing to the rhythm! What a better way to arrive at a hotel!? If you are wanting to travel around Old San Juan, majority of the places are between 15-30 mins away, making La Concha in a central location! Surrounding La Concha, there are P L E N T Y of bars and restaurants to hang out at, it's kind of hard to choose which one to eat at! The M O S T important aspect of this location has definitely got to be the ocean!! I mean did you look at this first picture yet? If you haven't what are you waiting for!?!?

Where to eat:

Disclaimer, although I'm giving you couple of places to try, you'll probably want to do some research and download the Yelp app it will be your new bestie! Also, you will probably gain 20 pounds from the food....


Red Mango:

It is actually rare that I eat a full meal for breakfast since I wake up around 4:50am and I'm constantly on the go. Smoothies are my go too, so when I noticed the name Red Mango across my hotel, I knew that I needed to go inside! I'm glad I did because the options for smoothies, food, and fresh juices were endless! I decided on a mango smoothie that was perfect for the beach! Check out their Instagram for more delectable options!

Delicias Restaurant:

Delicias is a restaurant that is apart of the hotel! They started me off with a complementary freshly squeezed watermelon juice which by the way was amazing! Then I ordered a blah blah blah with a side of home made avocado hot sauce! The locals eat this everything! My favorite part of breakfast at Delicias, is the view! Who wouldn't want breakfast with a view! To view their breakfast menu click the Delicias Restaurant!

Waffler Avenue:

Waffler Avenue was a 4 minute walk from our hotel and it was the only place close that was actually open on Christmas Day, so you know it was jammed packed in there! here I tried the Traffic Jam which had Nutella drizzled all over it, strawberries and whip cream to top it off! I also had a mango smoothie! The only thing is that, there was a 40 minute wait each time we went (2 times) but besides that I definitely recommend the waffles or sandwiches! (the bread is amazing!) Check out their Instagram by clicking Waffler Avenue!



Whenever we were posted at the hotel, or even for a midnight snack, we (mainly me!) had a regular order of a cheese quesadilla with guac and a side of french fries and to top it off a Frozen Coqui! The hotel actually loved me because even though this wasn't on the dinner menu the still accommodated this for me! There are plenty of yummy options you can see, just click on Solera to view the menu!

Pirilo Pizza Rustica:

Pirilo Pizza Rustica was one of my families favorite places to eat! We went there 3 times! I'm serious! It was that good! From the empanadas, to the pizza, even the french fries! I think Pirlo Pizza Rustica made me gain all my weight back! If you don't believe me, look at the delicious food below! To see what other people said about PPR click Pirilo Pizza Rustica for Trip Advisor reviews!


Punto de Vista

In all honesty, we did not plan to go here our first night in PR, however Pirilo was closed so our taxi driver sugesseted Punto de Vista to us and we agreed! To get to Punto de Vista, you have to walk through another restaurant and up two flights upstairs, but you just did enough exercise to chow down on the yummy food you have coming your way! every thing was good guys, especially my father's mofongo! When we asked for hot sauce they came out with the same hot sauce our hotel had, except at the time the avocado flavor was new to us! We liked it so much, we bought the last bottle to take home with us! Try this place out!! Click Punto de Vista to see more options!

Pani Agua:

Home to more than 100 mojitos! What a tag line, I had no idea that there were THIS many different mojito flavors!! Although the food appearance wasn't visually pleasing, the food definitely made up for it! It's also in the heart of Old San Juan, so you can do sight seeing around after you eat! Select Pani Agua to see their full menu!

What to do:

Visit El Yunque

Although my family wasn't able to visit El Yunque I really would love to next time! I'm infatuated with the idea of taking pictures with waterfalls (silly I know) but I used to love them when I was younger! There are plenty of things to to in El Yunque such as going on excursions through the rainforest, swim in a natural pool to name a couple! Click on Visit El Yunque for more options!

Visit Casa Bacardi

Casa Bacardi!! If you didn't know Bacardi is Puerto Rico's home! We didn't make it here, so I am posting these for next time! It would've been cool to go here, especially since they have three different tours to check out at the Bacardi Factory! Historical, Rum Tasting, and my favorite the Cocktail Tour! Hopefully one of you will be able to go here and tell me all about your experience!

Walking around Old San Juan

Even though this seems simple, trust me it is far from it! Walking around OSJ was probably one of my favorite things to do because of the fact that there is SOOO much beauty to see and take pictures of! I'll share my top 5 pictures from walking around OSJ! I can't get over all this color!!

Visit Castillo San Cristobal

My mother is really into history, so we went to Castillo San Cristobal! I knew we were going to a fort, however I didn't realize how big it was going to be, and was really fascinating to see first hand that this fort has been here for 500 years! Also the view of the Atlantic Ocean was incredible! My most favorite part of the fort was when it was raining and we had no place to go but to a little hide out/ lookout that had a small rectangle (first picture below) around the width of the hide out to see out into the ocean with 20 other people! They also offer plenty of tours throught Castillo San Cristobal, interested? Click Visit San Cristobal for more! Side note: DON'T WEAR DRESSES UP HERE, IT IS VERY WINDY AND YOUR DRESS CAN AND WILL COME UP LIKE MINE! HAHAHA! (luckily I caught it before it did some damage to my self image haha )

Although we didn't do a whooolleeee lot, just spending time with my family, and exploring a new city was well worth it! You would think that since we all live in the same house we would see each other often. That definitely doesn't happen, we all have busy, busy schedules that could not make us see each other for days! I cant wait for this years family trip! Can you take a guess where?!?

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a fantastic weekend!


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