Top 10 Moments of 2016

I can't believe today is the last day of 2016! You know, I feel that as I get older the year goes by quicker! I don't know why that is but, I'm glad I can reflect and be thankful for all the great things that has happened this year! It was so hard to choose because 2016 was great to me, but I finally narrowed it down to my top 10! Let's start this countdown with number 10!

10. Meeting Courtney of Color Me Courtney So this happens to be a funny story! I follow CMC on Snapchat and I was up super late one night and I saw her story about being in Arizona for a couple of weeks. Obvi I HAD to take a chance and message her asking if she was going to do a meet up with her AZ followers and cross my fingers that she would actually message me back. What do you know she DID! We messaged each other back and forth until she agreed to come possibly see me one of the days she was in town at the Kate Spade at Phoenix Premium Outlets. She finally came on New Years Day. I had just walked out of our back stock room and the first thing I saw were sparkly shoes wandering around the store, then I looked up and saw her!! I started hypervenelating because she is my FAVE blogger of ALL TIME, it was like I had seen a celebrity! Side note: even though someone might look nice on social media doesn't mean they are a nice person in person, so I did have little doubts when I first met her, but boy was I wrong! I have never in my life met some one so sincere, and so kind hearted! Courtney is all of that and a lot more, also she was shorter than I was expecting. We talked for a good 30 minutes and I got an awesome picture of us two! I loved this moment so much!

9. Co hosting a Tea Party with Melissa of Stylista Fitness

One random day Melissa had tagged me in a photo for me to meet up with other local bloggers of Phoenix Style Tribe. I'm so happy I did, because not only did I meet Melissa, I met other bloggers who I now converse and collab with almost every couple of months! Me being crazy, I told Melissa that I would love to help her plan the next meet up for PST. We got together for brunch and we talked about hosting a tea party! After 5 short weeks of non stop planning, emailing, shopping, thrifting, and DIYing, we finally pulled it all together and our beautiful tea party had come to life! I am so glad I offered my help, because now Melissa and I are not only bloggers but friends, and we always have a good time with each other! You can read all about the tea party if you click Stylista Fitness above! I'm very thankful for our friendship!

8. Roadtriping to Florida with my best friend! Guielle and I have been best friends for honestly the past 20 + years! From our mothers wombs, to church, to pathfinders, to church choir, to private school, and more; we've been together! Even though we were far apart, we almost always kept in contact! Our birthdays are 2 weeks away from each other, so it was likely that when we turned 21 we would plan something big! We always wanted to travel but her parents were more strict than mine, so it never happened! LOL! Finally we decided to go to Florida for our 23rd birthdays! I flew to Alabama, waited for her to get off work, she picked me up and we were off, and 6 hours later we arrived in Destin FL. Having the best time, from getting lost bike riding around the area, to actually having our first drink together, to spilling and confessing things about boys and what not! This was definitely one of my favorite memories because, spending time with Guielle is special since we live so far away and rarely get to see each other! I love you best friend!!

7. First time at Phoenix Fashion Week as a Blogger! Ok I know this might not seem so important, but after I went to PHXFW as an intern for another blogger, I made it one of my top goals of 2016 to be invited as a fashion blogger to Phoenix Fashion Week! So when I got the email, I was ecstatic to say the least!! I met up with my favorite bloggers, I even met Naadia who has basically been my blogger bestie since September! Don't worry you'll read more about her next! I can't wait to go next year! How am I going to top last years outfit?!

6. My Find Your Fit at Gap with Naadia of

As I mentioned above, I met Naadia through PHXFW and I'm so happy I did! Naadia and I went to happy hour at my fave Diego Pops, had margaritas have pretty much been incapable since! I had an event with Gap at Scottsdale Fashion Square coming up and after hanging with Naadia for a couple of weeks, I had asked her to join me! Find Your Fit was an event to find the perfect fit of jeans for your body type. Gap jeans have worked wonders for me being curvy on the bottom, so I wanted to share the love! We had the best time together putting on this event! *I would have a post about this but my website was getting re- designed) So here are a couple of pictures to see!

5. NEW YORK with Amber of Amber and I have been best friends since middle school, and each time I travel back to Alabama, we try to meet up for lunch! I can remember in middle school Amber was always dressed up! I don't recall a moment when she was EVER dressed down! I knew Alabama was WAY too small for her and she needed to be in a city like NYC! So when she told me that she got an internship in NYC, I told her I was so happy for her and I was coming in the fall to see her! The day after my Gap event I took a mid- day flight to the big city! Amber and I had soooooo much fun catching up, and eating our hearts out and I even met up with a follower of mine Cheyla who is local and pretty much took us around Brooklyn, Soho, and more. We ended up walking 12.5 miles that day which was sooo worth it! You can read about our NYC day above, clicking the Mademoiselle Lyons link! Here are also some pictures to see! We even did a transformation Tuesday photo, that one is great!

4. Moving on up! As you all should know, I've been working at the Kate Spade outlet for about 2.5 years! An opportunity came up for me to transfer to our Specialty store; I was hesitant at first because there are plenty of differences between the two. I ended up transferring! I've only been at Specialty for 6 months and I'm so glad I'm there! I thought I was obsessed with the company before, but I was COMPLETELY WRONG ha! My love for KS grew immensely when I took that transfer. The management, my fellow muses, the product, the customers (most of the time) the atmosphere, and of course the brand are why I will never want to leave KS! Especially since I can now give customers to celebrate with champagne ANDD throw confetti parties, I mean who wouldn't want that!? Kate Spade you are my life!

3.Becoming a Vegetarian! I have tried to become a vegetarian about 10 times now and each time I have failed immensely! This past July, I decided I needed a change and I did it! The first couple of weeks were definitely hard, but I feel so much better not eating meat! I feel lighter if that makes any sense. Eating right and working out go hand in hand, so I also started personal training! I have seen a huge difference in my weight, and my energy! Being a vegetarian has challenged me to try new things and cook a lot more! Although I have slipped up a few times, I will continue to be a vegetarian as long as I can! Side note I do eat fish, only on certian occasions. This picture below was a few months after I became a plant eater!

2. Puerto Rico!! I literally JUST got back from PR this morning! This part will be short because I'll write a full blog/ travel guide on PR in the next few weeks so be on the look out! Traveling to PR has been one of the best experiences of 2016! The culture, food, people, history, everything was amazing! I'm speaking this into existence right now: I WILL GO BACK TO PUERTO RICO!! Here is one of my favorite pictures from PR

1. HORRAYYYY LAST BUT NOT LEAST MY BLOG RE-LAUNCH!! I have had so many problems with my blog working over the months of March-September. Thats mainly why you didn't see as many blog posts going up! However that changed when I decided I was over not blogging! I met Liv through Allyssa (whose blog launches tomorrow) and she completely changed my blog life! I will be forever grateful for her getting to know me and the wants and needs I had for my new blog! She worked day in and day out and my vision came to life!! My launch day was hands down the best day of 2016 because of all the love, and feedback I received from my amazing blog! I lovvveee my new blog and can't wait to show you all what is next for Hello Silhouette! Thank you so much for following me on this crazy yet fun blog life!

Have a safe and Happy New Years Eve,


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