Survive The 1st Year of Blogging With These 6 Tips!

CAN WE JUST, WOW! This year has been nothing but great for Hello Silhouette; from hosting events at Gap @ Scottsdale Fashion Square, to going to Phoenix Fashion Week, collaborating with multiple brands new, and old and much more! I'm so, so, so, proud to announce the re- launch of Hello Silhouette. She's a beaut ain't she? How did my first year blogging on Hello Silhouette go so fast? I’m not sure but, I do have some great tips on how to survive the first year of blogging! Let’s get right into it!

1. CHEAPER ISN’T ALWAYS BETTER- Yes you heard right coming from me, CHEAPER ISN’T ALWAYS BETTER! Within my first year of blogging I have had 3 DIFFERENT people try to recreate my blog how I like it and let’s just say.. I wasn’t happy! I met this one individual at church. I paid $70 bucks for it! Boy oh boy, I knew this was such a great deal I couldn’t pass up! If you don’t know me, I love a good deal! Honestly it was like playing tug- of- war with this particular individual to get in contact with them. By the time 4 month had gone on with this tug- of- war game, I was over it and said #sayonara! Long story short, I found the person who redesigned my most recent blog through a blogger babe friend and yes it was the most I’ve spent on anything, but it was definitely well worth, it and I LOVE MY NEW BLOG, wouldn’t you agree!?

2. SAY YES TO EVERYTHING: YES should be your most used word throughout the first year of blogging, but only if it pertains to your specific niche. You never know what could happen if you say yes to collaborating with a company at the beginning of the year and that same company contacts you towards the end of the year wanting to give you free product, or make you an affiliate to receive profit! It’s because you said yes!! Side note- that example is actually happening to me right now; I can’t wait to share it with you all!

3.NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK AND GET INVOLVED: Let me tell you, I can talk to customers and sell 20 bags very confidently, but last year this time networking and I didn’t mix! I had to get over that really quickly. Networking is possibly the best thing for you and your growing blog! When networking you will meet so many people who want to help you, or even you might want to help them! When networking, you can potentially be invited to other events FOR FREE! ;) is a great place to network with like-minded people. As for getting involved, look for blogger groups in your city and if they have events going on, go to them, meet other local bloggers, and collaborate with them! I’m apart of two local groups as well as a cooking club! It’s so fun to meet up with these blogger babes once a month and take pictures of our awesome food and catch up on life! Also, see if your city has a local fashion show, and ask if they need any help with set up or make up. You never know if you don’t ask!

4. DON’T PROCRASTINATE/ BE PLANFUL Yes, I know everybody is guilty of this, but ESPECIALLY ME! I can admit it because I need to own up to it! I can say that procrastinating on writing blog posts and posting on social media is easy since I have a crazy schedule and all, but the worst parts about being a procrastinator is that you get behind, and you can lose followers! I’ve gotta get my life! Thanks to my friend Candice of I now have a scheduler for all my Instagram posts! It’s called and I love it! They have a free plan or if you want more of what they offer you can upgrade your plan. The times where I was more aware of my time and posted about 3 times a day, I saw more growth, and more engagement with followers. As a blogger that’s exactly what you want!

5. IT’S OK TO ASK FOR HELP FROM OTHER BLOGGERS: If they’re local or not, it’s always great to have a group of friends who are bloggers that you can ask anything! I don’t know it all, and sometimes I struggle with a certain concept and I know that my friend Melissa is amazing at that concept - I’m not going to not ask her, especially when I know she could help me learn and master it! Don’t be afraid!

6. DON’T FORGET TO HAVE FUN!! Lastly, with maintaining two jobs and babysitting and blogging on the side, I forget to have fun! Grab that group of blogger babes and throw a just because party or plan to have happy hour with them every other Friday and so on. The reason I said to go with your blogger babe friends, is because 1. You won’t have to worry about any one of you not dressing cute, especially if there is a group photo op at the end! 2. If you go to a cute place with yummy food, all the blogger babes understand why you have a huge random DSLR camera, or your mirrorless camera out on the table. (you are all about to take a picture of your food, don’t deny it!) 3. Because they understand the need for a drink after a busy week of work and blogging on top of that! I hope these tips have helped, you as they have helped me!

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