Hearts & Polka Dots

So I have to be totally honest!

Never will I never, ever sign my self up for more than a 3 day series again! I have a busy schedule between working, interning, and keeping up with friends! With that said, I decided to stop the countdown to Valentine's Day- instead just do regular posts like I have been. Hopefully next time this year I can do better!

So this outfit inspiration post is definitely Valentine's Day inspired, but adding a little bit of pattern never hurt anyone! Currently Arizona's weather has been bi-polar- one week it's hot, the next it's cold (well to me at least!). To get the best of both worlds I decided to wear skirt, and a light sweater tucked underneath a skinny belt(skirt was a little too big, but it was on super sale at J.Crew so obviously I had to have it!). Anyway- I paired the polka dot skirt with pink and white striped shoes and topped it off with the cutest little heart purse you ever did see from Kate Spade! I also added the jean jacket to give the outfit a more hey I look casual but I'm still cute look! *Tip* If you are looking for a jean jacket for the low, low, I go to Goodwill. The one I'm wearing is from Gap and it was in perfect condition when I bought it for only $5!

P.S. so sorry for all the pictures, I couldn't get enough of my outfit so I decided to post as many as I wanted, it is my blog after all! :)



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My name is Josie Jackson and I am a 24 year old, fashion adoring, goodwill hunting, glitter loving, and polka dot infatuated individual with a love for Kate Spade that's simply incomprehensable. Arizona has been my home for the past 13 years, however I was born and raised in Alabama! Follow me on all of my adventures through fashion and life and

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