All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go

This is the first official post on Hello Silhouette! Hi and welcome! My name is Josie and I am so glad you could join me today! A few things to know about me before you continue.

  • I love thrift shopping! About half my closet is from thrift stores, such as Goodwill, Savers, and some local hidden gems. I love when I can put an outfit together from Goodwill or Savers, and someone asks “cute outfit, where did you get it from?” and I say “thanks, I got this from Goodwill!” Their face is the best part, its like they can’t believe it!

  • I also love exclamation marks!! I get excited about everything so I just love to express my feelings. Periods are boring. See!!

  • My favorite word is SALE. If I see that word, I can’t resist and I usually go in the store and just look around. I may or may not have bought something…..

  • Inspirational quotes, are life. I love that they are funny, relatable, cute, and can turn someone’s day around! Example:

Ok, now that you know a couple of things about me, lets dive into my favorite part: THE OUTFIT!! I love trench coats, they to me add such a classic look to any outfit! So today I’m wearing a trench coat from Ann Klein which I got from Goodwill! It was on sale for 50% off, so I scored it for $10! I guess the down side to shopping at thrift stores is that sometimes, items can come with missing pieces. My trench coat came with out the belt! Sad face. However I am on the hunt for one and I WILL find one!

So if you read my bio, you saw that I work as a Shop Stylist for Kate Spade! While working at KS, we get wardrobing! What that is, ever quarter, we choose 3 silhouettes and we get 2 back! I almost always pick 2 dresses (cause I mean who wouldn’t want another dress) but, this time I picked a dress and a sweater (below). This sweater is literally so comfy, and it has pretty jeweled clusters all over! It’s also black, so I wear it with everything!

My plaid shirt, is also from Goodwill, which I found in the men’s section (yes I shop there too). This plaid shirt has gotten me through the fall for sure! I may, or may not wear it with almost everything?

Jeans, oh jeans! I love these jeans so, the wash, the way they look GREAT with EVERYTHING! Gap, I have to say does such a great job with the fit, and picking specific washes!

Are you obsessing over these shoes, like I am? Yeah you should probably get a pair. They are one of the hottest pair of shoes I’ve seen trending. Old Navy!!

“All dressed up, and nowhere to go, says the clutch! Do you ever feel that you’re all dressed up and nowhere to go? this clutch explains my life! That happens to me quite often, not just when I’m taking pictures for the blog, but IRL (in real life)! Forever 21 always has cute clutches like this one, I will make it my mission to find more clutches with sayings!

Take a look at the looks from today!

XOXO, Josie!

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Plaid Shirt Goodwill. Similar: Plaid Shirt Jewel Cluster Sweater Kate Spade. Similar: Jewel Cluster Sweater Gap Dark Wash Jeans Similar: Dark Wash Jeans Anne Klein Trench Similar: Trench Coat Forever 21 Word Clutch Similar: Word Clutch Old Navy Lace Up Flats Lace Up Flats.

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My name is Josie Jackson and I am a 24 year old, fashion adoring, goodwill hunting, glitter loving, and polka dot infatuated individual with a love for Kate Spade that's simply incomprehensable. Arizona has been my home for the past 13 years, however I was born and raised in Alabama! Follow me on all of my adventures through fashion and life and

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