Happy Tuesday everyone! Today is Arizona Gives Day!!

What is Arizona gives day you ask? Well it's a state wide event that lasts 24 hours, and thousands upon thousands Arizonians "invest in Arizona" by giving what they can to their favorite charities!

We are celebrating 4 years of giving (hence the balloon) and raising over $4.5 million dollars for non profits around Arizona! Over 900 nonprofits are participating (that might maker so much harder to choose who to give to!) $3 million is our goal in just $24 hours this year and if every Arizonian gives $1 then we would raise $6 million dollars!!!! I need your help by spreading the word!!! Just tell your friends, family, and coworkers to go to #azgivesday and choose the nonprofit you would like to give to and give, and post it on social media with the hashtags #azgivesday #jointhemovement #investinarizona #givingback :)

This will be the first year that I have participated and definitely not the last, but let me tell you it was so hard to decide! Then I heard a bark outside and I knew that I wanted to give this year to Arizona Humane Society! www.azhumane.org

First off since I can remember as a little girl I've always loved dogs! I love their smiles, they're so infectious (I know they are just panting but I think it's when they are happy.) I love the way they can make ANYONE'S, and I mean ANYONE'S, day so much better and I ESPECIALLY love the cuddles they give you! My dog Charlie "Thor" Jackson does just that! He knows when I'm not up to my best and will come and comfort me, and I personally think he gives the best cuddles! We've had him since he was 7 months old and now he's 3! (well in human years!)

I want to help give another child or an adult that same feeling when she/he adopt a dog, and thats why I decided to give to Arizona Humane Society!

Some facts about AZ Humane:

1. Mission is to save and improve the lives of homeless animals

2.You can adopt 1 pet, or you know 10 pets! All up to you!

3. You can volunteer -why wouldn't you want to be around cute animals All. Day. Long????

4. If you can no longer finically support a animal you can Re-Home your pet! NEVER ABANDON YOUR PET!!!

5. You can get a temporary pet!

6.You can also be an advocate -standing up to animals rights!

I hope you give at least $1 this year, anything helps! Enjoy today and you know these super cute pictures of Thor and I!

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