Hello Silhouette is a fashion and lifestyle blog run by 24 year old Alabama-born, Arizona-living Josie Jackson. The blog was created in the late 2015 out of desire to express her sense of fashion and beauty, without having to sacrifice her wallet. Hello Silhouette exists to combine bargains and beauty. Using her imagination and fashionable eye, Josie seeks to blend thrifty with new into a truly covetable look.


Loving the art of fashion and the ability to create beautiful silhouettes with clothes, Josie spends her time always on the hunt for the next best thing to add to her closet. Therefore, Hello Silhouette strives to be a perfect destination for unique and carefully curated content that Josie shares with you!

Over the past year, Josie has worked with wonderful boutiques such as Porsh Stores, Rocks Box, Maleny G Shop, Pax Philomela and more. Aside from collaborations, Josie regularly attends Phoenix Fashion Week and participates in The Dirty Beets Cooking Club, and Phoenix Style Tribe.

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